Copper care

bettenoireFebruary 2, 2005

I need to replace my 10" skillet and have been eyeing the copper-clad models because they're so beautiful.

Any advice on the care and feeding of copper clad pots and pans? Should I just stick with stainless and shove them in the dishwasher?


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If you don't polish copper, it will become dull like brass or silver. I don't particularly like the look but others may. I used to have Revereware years ago when the copper cladding on the bottom was en vogue :)

That said, the thin layer of copper used to clad most pots is purely decorative and really doesn't add functionality. A real copper pan would be solid copper with a lining. A copper bowl (unlined) has special properties which aid in beating eggs.

If you like the look of patina or want to polish your pans frequently, go for copper. Otherwise, you will be happier with a lower maintenance pan like stainless steel.

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Folks who have really beautiful copper pans either a) don't ever use them or b) clean them after EACH use!

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I use my copper pans frequently and I have never bleached them. i clean the inside normally and use a powdered copper cleaner on the bottoms/outside , dry them and hang them back up.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I swear by Twinkle, a paste formula copper cleaner my Mom uses for the bottoms of her 1954 wedding-gift RevereWare. It dissolves the tarnish on copper easily, especially if you use it fairly regularly and don't let the gunk build up. It's easy to do if you don't let them go - no harder than wiping your stainless dry to prevent water spots. If you let the gunk build up, it will take a couple minutes to get it off, though. If you love the look of copper, it is well worth it... why don't you get one pan, and see how it goes?

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copper can easily be cleaned with the Twinkle, with paste copper cleaner or with vinegar and salt. Any of these make it shine. But sometimes I don't clean my pans for years and I love them just as much and it doesn't affect how they cook.

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