Any Staub cast iron owners here?

redrozeFebruary 9, 2011

We have been meaning to replace our chipping non stick pan for awhile. Cast iron seemed to be the best in terms of DH's research but they seemed so heavy. We noticed the Staub cookware at Williams Sonoma and picked up a small "La Coccotte" pan and a smallish saucepan. They are both gorgeous pieces in a grey colour called Graphite. Functionally, we like that they're non stick without Teflon. The salesperson said the enameling is better and more non stick than the Le Creuset cast iron as it is a matte finish rather than shiny.

Any Staub owners out there? What has been your experience with them? Are they good for scrambled eggs? Are they as non stick as they claim?

They sure are pretty:

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Forgot to add that we liked the two handles as trying to pick up cast iron with one handle is just killer for my puny wrists. Will need to get some pot holders but I like any excuse to buy pretty kitchen linens!

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Oh and we also liked that the bottom was ok with induction cooking as one day we will replace our glass electric cooktop with induction.

Sorry for the multiple posts. I have my 4 Month old son sleeping on my shoulder at the moment. This is my first post on GW since I was pregnant I think! I miss it!

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redroze, I have both some Staub enameled cast iron and some Le Creuset, and I love them both. But I use them primarily for stews and braises. They clean up fairly well, but I would never label them as "nonstick."

As for scrambled eggs and other sticky foods, I do use nonstick pans. Otherwise, I use stainless or hard-anodized.

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Just one staub piece -- the 12" fry pan. It's a great pan -- maybe perfect for searing steaks, among other things.

I cannot really answer the scrambled egg question, however -- never used it for that. I'm sure it's just fine, but I wouldn't expect it to behave exactly like a non-stick pan (e.g., tephlon, calphalon non-stick, etc.)

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I recently discovered the enameled cast iron coockware after changing all the appliances in my kitchen. After some research I bought a mixture of Staub and Lecreuset. I got the Staub 12" grill pan because it is bigger that the Lecreuset oblong one. I also bought the 4qt Staub braiser the one that is sold at Sur la table because this one has the honeycomb texture that sears better and it has the self basting on the lid too(William Sonoma carries the braiser without this texture or the self basting). I also bought the 6QT oval cocotte , because of its perfect size to roast a whole Chicken or a leg of lamb( also I had to get this one because of the rooster handle). I may also buy the 4qt round cocotte. Le creuset has a wider range of sizes and forms . I got the 7 1/4 qt round for deep frying because its depth makes frying easier without splattering everywhere and because of its beige interior you can clean it easier. 15 minutes with soap and hot water and all the black residue from frying is gone.Le creuset has also 4 1/4 qt saute pan ( deeper than the braiser) that would be excellent for stir frying, risotos or pasta. They also have the round wide pots , the 6 1/4 qt that are really nice for braising for more portions than the 4qt braiser can take. I hope this is beneficial to you.

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