Tivoli Pro-Clad Stainless Cookware?

lpowmacbackFebruary 19, 2006

I'd just purchased the Calphalon Tri-Ply SS 5 Qt. Saute for $179 (ouch) at BB&B... but they didn't have other pieces I wanted (8" & 12" skillets)... so I took a trip over to TJ Maxx and found some open stock Tivoli Pro-Clad SS which is very similar to the Calphalon & All-Clad (HATED All Clad's handles... and it was a tad heavier than the Calphalon too)... the only thing I could see that was different for the Tivoli was that the handles only had 2 rivets instead of Calphalon's 3... so I bought the 8" & 12" skillets...for $14.99 & $29.99 respectively... far cheaper than the Calph, All-Clad & Cuisinart (hate their handles too) (& Emeril's stuff - which doesn't have the clad all the way up is WAY TOO HEAVY!!!!!!)

Anyone have any experience with the Tivoli Pro-Clad?



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I Have several Tivoli Stock pots I bought from TJ Max and I love them. They appear to be very well made and the handles stay cool. I also have All Clad and I feel they are comparible although the brushed stainless interior of the All Clad is much finer. Are your fry pans non-stick? If not, I wouldn't recommend them because that rough grade brushed stainless that's in the stock pots would make everything stick to it for frying.

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kimba00 - no, my new Tivoli fry pans are not non-stick and have stainless interiors. As I mentioned above, I do have the Calphalon 5 qt. Saute & the Calphalon 10" Skillet and they have identical interior surfaces of the Tivoli's (8" & 12")... I suppose the interior finishes of the stock pots is different - perhaps because it is not necessary to have a smoother finish in those. I used my 12" last night and it worked pretty well... no sticking :-)


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i have the large fry pan and it stained very bad and the non stick service came off i also have calphalon i bought at the same time and it is great. just a heads up

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