HAVE: Awesome package from Lisa in Germany (pictures)

katefisherJuly 24, 2011

So yesterday my husband and I were having a small gathering at our house and spent the day running around madly. He kindly took on the housecleaning and I was out in the yard. We were both finishing up our projects when who comes but the mail lady bearing a big, heavyish box from where else but Germany. This was exciting not only because I realized it had swap goodies inside but my husband used to live in Germany and could not wait to see what was inside. However we opened the box only long to see that all was fine and then had to prepare for company.

So this morning we carefully examined all the loot and Lisa you were very generous. What a haul and all the neater that it came from another country. We started with Lisa's very nice letter explaining that her theme was 'Salads' which is perfect for me since that's pretty much what I eat for lunch every day of my life. Love them.

Next can we talk about the 'packing material'? Yes, I have a sweet tooth and apparently a little bird shared that with Lisa. YUM!

Next we found this awesome bag which I believe it made out of flour sacks? It is a really nice size and the slogan on the front I believe is words to the effect of 'doesn't all fit into the bag' but perhaps Lisa will help me with this. Either way its really neat and I use that kind of thing constantly. The co op is only two blocks from our house and I use my own shopping bags religously.

Then there was an absolutely wonderful salad recipe book appropriately titled 'Das Grosse Salat Buch' or apparently 'The Big Salad Book'. I have only glanced through it so far but intend to give it my attention this afternoon. Can't wait.

Also included was a gorgeous glass salad bowl with a cool plastic lid on which the utensils lock into. We often go out with friends camping and barbecuing and I'm always there with my salad so having another option for a container to put it into is just so right for me. This will be much used.

Last but not least are a bottle of rapeseed oil and a bottle of Pomgranate Vinegar. I'm not familiar with either but look forward to exploring. Lisa mentioned in her letter that the former is pretty common in Europe but not so much in the states so I'm excited. Very fun.

So if you haven't concluded already, Lisa was very kind and thoughtful with her swap purchases. I feel extremely blessed and am impressed with just how right everything is for me. Great work Lisa! Cannot thank you enough.


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Ok, you had me with all the candy... I want Lisa as my swap buddy next time... lol

Good job Lisa... I know you'll enjoy your imported gifts Kate.


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I am glad you will enjoy this package, Kate. I agonized over what to put in it! LOL
Don't forget, Ann, the candy and the shopping bag were PACKING MATERIAL! LOL
The bag says: Our Bio assortment doesn't fit in one bag. The store where I went shopping has a large assortment of organic products.
The label on the vinegar states that is the Favorite Vinegar of the year.

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Lisa, looks like you picked the perfect theme for Kate. (although you can't count. LOL!!).

Kate, Lisa's gift was certainly worth waiting for. Beautiful cookbook and the perfect salad bowl for someone that has a salad every day. Nice the way the salad spoon and fork fit into the lid.



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Typical German engineering on that salad bowl, very clever! I bet that pomegranate vinegar makes a yummy dressing. Nice box!

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Great gifts, Lisa! What a nice summer assortment for someone who loves salads. Enjoy, Kate!


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I especially love the salad bowl, but I wonder why they labeled it in English instead of German. I like glass salad bowls that have lids!

The first cookbook I ever bought was Das grosse Taschenbuch vom Kochen, and I had to buy measuring instruments in order to use it, but these are easy to find now. Salad recipes are not generally so exacting, but since it is German, they might be!

I like pomegranate vinegar also - it shows up in a low of Persian recipes, and I buy it at Middle Eastern markets - I didn't think of it as German, but perhaps there are enough Middle Easterners in Germany now to create a demand for it.

The candies almost look Japanese, but I've never seen "Happy Cola"! How does it taste?

Looks like a very fun time for you!


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beachlily z9a

What a yummy box!! Love that salad bowl and lid--never have seen anything like it. Those swipes at Germans? True, true, I'm 100% German and what a pain in the patootie!

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That IS one yummy box of packing materials, LOL, what a good job Lisa did.

I also like the bowl with the lid and utensils, that will be so handy, even just to take a salad outside to eat.


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LOL.. yes, nice packing materials. I love everything. The little packing material packs of gummies are so cute. That salad cook book is really nice. Just looking at it during the summer will cool you off, aside from giving you good ideas. I'd love some pomegranate vinegar. Sounds delish and rapeseed oil is for sure a great healthy choice. Not least is that very pretty salad bowl set. I'd use it often. I like to mix the greens and everything except the tomatoes [won't refrigerate tomatoes for anything. lol] and keep in the fridge till time for the meal, so it would be nice to have that fitted lid. Of course it would be great to take on a picnic or trip for salad but also for any number of items.

Great job Lisa. Don't even begin to worry about it getting there 'late'. As you said people sent their packages really early. If my things I ordered hadn't gotten to me so fast, Colleen would still be waiting for her package, as long as it took to get there. Smiles. I'm sure Kate is quite happy you were her swap partner.

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Wow Wow Wow! What a great swap box! I love salads too so that recipe book is right up my alley. The bowl is something that I would use all the time. Nice going Lisa!

Kate, I'll be looking forward to hearing how you like the condiments. Lucky you to get a package from Germany! Enjoy!

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Great job Lisa! I love the summer salad theme! Kate the pictures are great, especially the one inside the salat buch! I know you'll enjoy it all, including the packing material!!

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I decided to see if I could read the recipe in the picture, and I had no trouble with understanding any of it except for the "EL" measurement, which I had not seen before. So I looked it up, and it appears to be an abbreviation for Essloeffel, which I thought was a soup spoon, but I guess it is also a tablespoon. I would omit the honey in the dressing, as I do not like sweet dressings.

Let us know if you find more recipes that you particularly like.


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Hey everyone!

Yes, Lisa did so very right by me. I spent about two hours on Sunday with Google translator going through the recipe book. I quite enjoyed trying to read the recipes on my own and then plugging them into the translator to see what was what. Some great recipes in this book most definitely. Lisa thank you for the translation for the text on the bag. I love my swap goodies:) Again the timing on when I received it was no problem. Ann kindly emailed me to let me know I would probably receive my package last and gave me a rough time frame. Worked out perfectly.

Lars on the candies I have not yet made it through the wonderful pile to Happy Cola yet. I've tried the lemon ones that kind of taffy like and really scrumptious and yesterday had the little licorice bear guys. My husband has been helping himself to the gummy bears. All good.

Riverrat I'm excited about using the condiments also. Such beautiful little bottles, I'm sure the contents are just as great.

Thank you bizzo on the photos. I wanted to really show how wonderful my swap loot was.

Lars if you want me to take pictures of a few more of the recipes I would be glad to. There are some wonderful ones in this book. Excellent pictures and a nice diverse selection of types of salad. Just to give you a hint about my salad addiction I grow my own lettuce and all summer long that's what I have for lunch every day. Since we had friends over this weekend yesterday I had leftover spinach salad with chevre, mandarin oranges, toasted almonds, craisins and a light balsamic dressing with leftoever Meditteranean Quinoa Salad and whole wheat toast. What's not to like right?:)

Thanks all.


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Very cool, Kate and Lisa. What a wonderful ending to a wonderful swap. I like the idea of the bowl being so self contained - really good for bringing to a potluck.

As for the "packing materials" (LOL), if my tea towel "wrapping paper" didn't cut it with Ann_T, this won't either, but very imaginative!

Kate, be sure to let us know when you find a favorite recipe from the salad book.


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Wow, what a great box! Salads are perfect for the Summer theme. Love the bowl. Enjoy your goodies, Kate and wonderful choices, Lisa!!


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Great package and great theme. Nice end to the swap, Lisa. Enjoy, Kate!

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Just wanted to add that I had no idea that Kate loved salads so much. I am so happy that I went in this direction.

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Lovely swap box and I especially like the creative packing...er...packing...umm....peanuts?

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