Versaware crock pot

jasper_austinFebruary 19, 2006

Anyone is considering trying the Rival Versaware crock pot? It's a crock pot with a special ceramic insert that can also be used stove top and in the oven. Sounds like a great idea, but the crock is very easy to damage. I just broke a side handle off mine and I guess the whole thing is ruined now.

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I broke mine the first time I used it, while washing it. Very easy to damage. I got on the rival website--got their number and they replaced it for something like ten bucks.

When I got the new one, the lid that I still had didn't quite fit right. I called them, but they weren't very helpful this time.

I can still use the thing, but the lid doesn't quite sit right.

I wouldn't buy this crock pot again. If I could find one like my old one, I would buy another like that one. Now, I don't even remember what brand it was. It was a metal pan with a clear glass lid that sat on a "griddle" basically. Loved that crock pot!

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Yeah, I can't see spending another $10 on the thing because it would still have those breakable handles.

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blsdgal, I think it was a WestBend. I liked mine too.

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