WANTED: Cowichan Valley in a box!!!!

doucanoeJuly 27, 2006

The mail gal brought a great big box to me today. Direct from Vancouver Island courtesy of....yes! Ann T!!!!

I have a couple students in the shop right now, but I promise I will post VERY SOON! It is wonderful!


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::: jeopardy music playing :::

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Oh, man! I couldn't wait for the class to be over so I could ogle my swap items again!

Ann, you have exquisite taste and I absolutely love everything you sent!

First, Ann included a very cool card telling me about the items, and why she chose them. (And a wine print on front of the card is suitable for framing, I might add.) Ann said the photos I posted of my front porch served as her inspiration. (did I say how happy I am that I can now post photos?)

There is a beautiful tray that is hand painted by a local artist. (Is this by the same person that did your red cabinet, Ann?) It is definitely going to serve up some morning coffee or tea and maybe an evening glass of wine or two...or three...

Next is a set of two beautiful pottery mugs and a honey pot that were hand crafted by a woman that shows her pottery at the Duncan Market near Ann's home. I adore pottery, and I am in love with these!

Then there is a lovely jar of wildflower honey from a local farm. I can't wait to taste this. I love honey! Now to decide what to put it on...a muffin? A biscuit? Toast? A bagel? The possibilities are endless!

And the most awesome maple cutting board I have ever seen! Again, hand crafted by Lee Wolf, a fellow that does beautiful work! Ann says she has three of his boards, and I can certainly see why! I love that he uses the natural shape of the wood!

Ann also included a newspaper from her area. I will have to hide it from Tim until I finish reading it. He is a newspaper freak!
Ann, I can't thank you enough for your generosity and the wonderful gifts. They mean the world to me and I will cherish them always!

Here is a photo of all these wonderful things!


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Oh Linda!! From the moment I saw Ann's cutting board..I thought I had never seen anything more beautiful:) Look at you!!

Everything is so nice..But your board.. Frame it:)

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Oh, what a package; unique cutting board, handpainted tray, local honey, and.......love, love, love the pottery. Nice going, Ann.

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I'm using Jessicas line.


I can just see you serving tea on your front porch with the tray filled with the honey pot and tea!

Ann, fabulous!

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Oh Linda, what a wonderful package! I especially like the tray and the cutting board -- nice job, Ann!

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Wow, what beautiful items from the local artisans! Perfect choices Ann.

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Linda I don't think a swap package could be more perfect for someone than this one is for you! I love it all and can see how perfectly these lovely things will fit with your home.

I happen to be the lucky recipient of one of those gorgeous cutting boards. It took me a long time to use it but I do now, and I always get comments.

Lovely swap Ann.

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That package is totally gorgeous! The cutting board is stunning, and if I remember correctly, don't you have a log house Linda. Everything will look so perfect in that setting. Great job Ann


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What a beautiful package, perfect for tea on the porch. Invite a VERY special friend. One problem, Ann forgot to send her scones! Otherwise it's all to die for.

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Yes, where were the blueberry scones, Ann? LOL! I remembered you said you were hesitant to send food items from Canada into the States. I *heart* that red tray! And the cutting board has a twin here in NC and I use mine all the time and really love it! Love the pottery too!

What a wonderful selection of gifts from Ann. Enjoy Linda!


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Oh, Linda, everything is just lovely. I'm know you're thrilled with that great package.
Ann, super great shopping.


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Nice, nice package! I love that tray! And the cutting board! Ann sure puts together a splendid array of gifts and you are one lucky recipient, Linda. Enjoy it... I know I would!

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I just love when Ann sends those beautiful cutting boards for the swaps. And the local pottery, honey, and tray are super as well. Enjoy!!

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First I read Ann's post about her friend's visit and saw teh amazing food she prepared -- then I come over here to see the amazing box she sent! Every item is so tasteful and special. I particularly like the tray.
Nice. Nice. Nice!


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An artistic swap for an artistic person. Perfect.

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I sure do agree about those wooden cutting boards, they're very unique. I love wood anyway, the smell, the feel, the grain and the pattern of it.

The pottery is very nice too and that honey would be nearly perfect on one of Ann T's scones.


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I'm still amazed that it arrived in 4 days.

Linda, I'm so glad that you liked everything. I really love your log house and that wonderful porch. And we have so many wonderful artist and craftsman in this area that it was easy to come up with a "local arts" theme.

I have two cupboards painted by the artist that made the tray. The and one . I also have a couple of Robin's trays too.

I hope you enjoy using everything.


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Great package Ann! I especially covet that tray!
Linda, I know you're going to enjoy each and every very special item!

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That cutting board took my breath away. So beautiful. I'd want to hang it up and not use it!


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OH! That cutting board is something to cherish! I've never seen anything like it. Ever!

Enjoy it all! Good job Ann.

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Truly up to Ann's standards of beautiful items! You just knew it was going to be stunning.

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I had to laugh last night. I showed Tim all my new things and he loved them as well. I used the cutting board (which is now my favorite of all my boards, by the way...) to cut zucchini for the grill. After dinner, he was admiring the board again and he said "It's got scratches on it!" I told him that I used it to cut up the zucchini and he exclaimed "You're actually going to USE IT? It's too pretty to use!" Now this coming from Mr. Macho himself...a manly man, if you will!
I love those mugs so much I almost had a mug of wine! I refrained and used a wine glass. LOL


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Ann, so tasteful, perfect, and the mugs and honey pot are precious!

Linda, I was a lucky recipient of Ann's generousity in a past swap. Besides great choices, she really wraps well! LOL.

Great board, fabulous tray to carry those mugs on.

(Love the cupboards, Ann)

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Linda! A mug of wine! hhahahahha! that tickled me!

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Renee, I'm sure that Linda had a lot of fun trying to get the tape and the bubblewrap off of everything. It might not be pretty but it all gets there in one piece. I'm so afraid of something breaking. LOL!

Linda, my board with the handle gets used everyday. At first I started out just using one side to cut on and the other side if I wanted to use it as a cheese board or to serve Moe a sandwich on. That didn't last long and I now cut on both sides. BUT, I don't cut on the big board. I consider it a and I threatened Moe and Matthew with bodily harm if I ever caught them cutting on it. LOL!

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I love cutting boards (and tea trays). The furniture company that I used to work for made huge tea trays (19" x 29") that were made to fit on top of an ottoman and transform it into a tea or coffee table. I got an unfinished one from them and painted it myself, but I found that it was really too big to be practical, and so I gave it to Jimmy & Maartje, who have large sliding glass doors. The one you got looks like a much more practical size, and it's also very beautiful. I especially like burl wood also. I have one serving cutting board that is not allowed for any cutting. My SIL destroyed one of my DM's cutting boards using an electric knife to cut skirt steaks for fajitas one year when I was visiting. It was a sad thing to watch.

Really nice handles on the mugs!


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Beautiful package, Ann. I've never seen such a cutting board -- so unique! Linda, enjoy those beautiful mugs on your beautiful front porch!


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OMG, I am seriously blown away by those cutting boards - I've never seen anything like that - the graining is amazing.

Totally unique & special things, enjoy everything, Linda.

Beautiful selections, Ann.

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Hey! Ann can count!

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Jessica thanks for pointing that out. I was actually going to mention it in case anyone missed the fact that I was really good this time and stayed within the "5 Limit". I was very proud of myself. LOL!


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WOW!! What a beautiful, beautiful package!

It's official. The next swap--I want Ann_T to have my name!

(Does the cutting board maker take mail or online orders??)

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Deanna, I don't know if he takes on-line orders, but I'm sure that he will take over the phone orders. You are the second person to ask me that today. I took some pictures of his things last Saturday at the market. And I will take some more tomorrow so you can see what he has available this week.

Besides the he also makes too. The cutting boards, front centre that are a little darker in colour are made out of apple wood.

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I love the tray! I adore pottery and think that is great too, and who can't use another cutting board (I could use about 3 more) Great package! Nice job Ann. Enjoy Linda.

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Am I the only one that can't wait and scrolls directly to the photo?! As soon as I saw the board I thought it must be Ann. What a great package - everything is to-die for :)

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What beautiful items. I covet that cutting board! I have noticed them in Ann's pictures too.

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I was just about to ask for a link or information on these cutting boards. I think I need a serving board one and a cutting one for DD new house! Beautiful work!

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What a wonderful package! Great items, Ann; the ceramics are gorgeous and the cutting board is really unique! (Can oyu get a commision on CF-related orders?) The honey and the tray seem wonderful, too.

Great job, and great box. Congrats, and enjoy!

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ooh, Ann, you always pick out such unique, tasteful items. I love the cutting board as well, and always love pottery - love the colors!

Linda, beautiful description - looking forward to pics of your uses for these great items.


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Ann, You really put a beautiful package together. There is not one thing I wouldn't like to have. I think my birthday is 2 days after yours. Just kidding :)

Linda, Enjoy everything. Remember there is nothing wrong with mugs of wine!


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I LOVE that board!!! Oh man that is so cool! I have had a thing for Ann's board for years now, I think she told Matt and Moe not to use a knife on it or else! LOL! Super package Ann! When did you start counting anyway?! Enjoy it all Linda!


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Really one of a kind choices, Ann. I am crazy about that cutting board. I could never cut on it though. My sister's in-laws live in Duncan, so I may have her search one out next time she's over there. Enjoy your bounty Linda.

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David, there is a first time for everything. LOL!

Jane I go to the market every Saturday, so if you are interested in one of Lee Wolf's boards, I don't mind picking one up for you and mailing it too you. That offer is open to anyone else that is interested in one of these boards.


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OK, this package is now my inspiration for our next swap. I need to just keep my eye out for these kinds of unique items for gifts and upcoming swaps. What a wonderful package!!

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Linda, you lucky duck! What a great package. I know you'll enjoy every bit of it.

Ann, what a truly special gift. Everything is perfect, but that serving tray and board - WOW! I've always been in love with your larger board that you use to serve on and have looked for one since I first saw yours.

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Linda, Ann sure put together a wonderful package!! I love, love, love that tray. It is fabulous. The mugs and honey pot are great. I love the color. I'd have been into that honey first thing! I'd use that cutting board for presenting food! Too pretty to cut on! LOL re: Tim's comments!! Great package! Enjoy!

Ann, fabulous job!

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