aluminum confusion

51gerriFebruary 17, 2006

I purchased a Johnson-Rose 1100 alloy aluminum commercial fry pan from the local restaurant supply. My husband said take it back. He thinks aluminum is bad. I've tried reading through the threads on aluminum in this forum and have only managed to confuse myself. Is this a bad choice?? Is it dangerous with acidic foods?? Can anyone help??

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Not dangerous at all.
There was a finding about 15 or more years ago that the brains of those who had died of Alzheimers had higher concentrations of aluminum than normal people. But what was not said is that the normal people had the same access to aluminum as those with alzheimers.
Enjoy your pan! Tell your husband to check out the evidence.
Linda C

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My husband has the same concern as yours does. I have some Calphalon non-stick which are anodized aluminum, not plan untreated aluminum and he is OK with them. If the pan you bought is the bright, plain untreated aluminum I think you should take it back for two reasons. Why keep a pan which bothers someone in your family for any reason, and if it is untreated alum it will react with acidic foods and produce a metalic taste and discolor the pan.

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The Alzheimer's researchers have published that they made a mistake and that the aluminum was deposited in the brains as part of the staining process post-mortem. Aluminum is very non-reactive and quite safe. OTOH, I have a new induction cooktop so most of my stovetop cookware is in a box waiting to go to Goodwill (the expensive Kuhn stainless pressure cooker and my one Le Creuset piece, I get to keep!!). It's only a quarter of a century old, too.

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According to my DH (chemistry PhD), aluminum is an extremely reactive element and reacts with oxygen immediately to form an oxide layer. Given the right conditions (e.g., temperature, acidity of food) any cookware material will leach.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cookware safety

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Krusty, for those who don't take time to read the article you posted, I will summarize if I may.
Aluminum will leach aluminum into acedic foods if cooked in them for a long time, but the aluminum which is consumed with the foods is inconsequential. Anti-acids contain about 50 mg of aluminum per tablet and who knows the amount of aluminum leached into food from foil, cans etc.
Aluminum fry pans are great, because they conduct heat so well....but I don't use mine to simmer tomatoes or sourkraut. It's not dangerous...but I would rather not risk a metallic taste in my kraut.
But for pork chops and chicken, bacon and eggs it can't be beat.
Tell your husband to do some reaserch.
Linda C

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Just wondering if your husband will ever eat a canned (aluminum) or drink a beverage that came from a can? If so he is probably being exposed to Aluminum more often than he realizes and more often than you might use the fry pan. As said above, just use common sense with high acid content and enjoy the pan.

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Thank you everyone for your input. It's nice to know it's not dangerous. Think I'll keep the pan and just try to remember to stay away from acidic foods. I really appreciate the advice. Thanks again.

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