Restoring Bone-handled silverware

MaryincvilleFebruary 14, 2005

Gulp! My antique bone-handled sterling was sent through the dishwasher. Now the handles feel dry and look kind of white (like wood that was sent through the dishwasher).

Vengence is one thought...but it won't restore my silverware (VBG)! Can anyone out there help me bring my silverware handles back to some semblance of their prior patina?

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Oh Dear!....Maybe try mineral oil?
Sending sympathy none the less.
Linda c

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One of the forum members (corgilvr) recently shared a forumula which is working fantastically on all my wood products. She also uses it on her soapstone for protection, and it might work on your bone handles as well.

Pour one part Mineral Oil to one part natural Beeswax (shredded) into a pot and heat gently until the wax is dissolved. Rub your counters, wooden utensils, etc. to add a protective coat. It's best applied while warm; darkens the surface somewhat, and I was pleasantly surprised to see water beading up on top of my butcherblock island. I love this stuff. (Thanks Debbie!)

If you decide to try it, would you come back and let us know how it worked for you? I'm getting ready to rub this on my knife handles...

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