Problem with refrigerator

walterjarOctober 8, 2012

I have a silly question. Yesterday my side by side refrigerator went bad. Both compartments are warm. I have checked that both fans are working. I have checked the compressor for continuity between connectors, there were no problem. I have checked compressor for ground, it was ok too.

So now is my problem, after I have plugged refrigerator to outlet. I can hear two fans and the compressor is making spinning noise for about a minute. Then it is very quiet and make very small vibration. It never get hot or even warmer than room temperature. The two lines that comes and goes from compressor don't change the temperature even after few hours when both fans were working all the time. My guts feeling was that start overload unit was basted (there is no rattle sound when shaking the starter) but I am not sure anymore. Any ideas why compressor don't warm up over the time. Is it normal it this refrigerator model? What is the simple test if compressor is running? Any ideas what I could check before buying new starter/overload unit?

Thanks for your help.


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There are electronic starter 'relays' that don't rattle when shaken.

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Should I try to replace starter/overload unit alone or together with the capacitor?

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Capacitors can be tested with a multimeter, no need to guess its condition.

The compressor windings can be tested for good or bad (across the terminals) or shorted (each terminal to the compressor case).

A non-electronic starter will have (or should have) an obvious wire coil. Those can also be tested with a multimeter. Electronic starters can be tested but only with the proper testing-tool.

Do an online search for testing refrigerator compressor, capacitor, and starting relay. There are text/picture instructions at various sites, and also videos on YouTube.

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