Le Creuset braiser or wide oven?

anaranaFebruary 14, 2013

Board hog today..sorry! I *must* have a Le Creuset enameled piece to add to my already pretty decent cookware collection (which does not yet include Le Creuset).

I have my eye on either the 3.5 Braiser or the 3.5 round wide oven. (I already have a Lodge 5 qt dutch oven.)

I typically cook for 2-3 people and love to saute and make things like chicken tikka masala. I want to try coq au vin.

Which one do you suggest? Whatever I get won't be my last piece, for sure, but would like to start with the biggest bang for my buck! Thanks for any advice.

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Might check into the Le Creuset 'Multipot"
There is a 3 3/4qt and a 2 1/2qt


the lid makes a nice 8-10" frying pan also.

Here is a link that might be useful: 2 1/2 qt two in one pan

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