Calphalon 'One nonstick vs 'Pro' nonstick

pratzertFebruary 10, 2005

I said in a few earlier posts that I own a set of the Calphalon Professional Nonstick pots and pans. Not happy with the way the surface is peeling and no longer has it's nonstick ability.

Can anyone compare the "qaulity" of the newer Calphalon "One" Infused Anodized Nonstick to the older Professional nonstick line ???


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You might want to check out the Analon line of non stick made by Meyer. Reviews very well over at Amazon, and the one pan I have is excellent. Better non stick than Calphalon, heavy weight, really good and less expensive. I have some Calphalon Pro and Commercial nonstick, and they are good and I like them, no peeling, but not as non stick as the Analon. I don't know about Cal "ONE".

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