Help - Cleaning ss pans with copper core?

colo_ladyFebruary 18, 2005

Since I have a newly remodeled kitchen, I didn't want to put my old pot/pan set in the new drawers. So I bought a new set from Costco, the heavy Italian stainless steel ones with the copper layer sandwiched on the bottom.

Here's the problem - I put one in the dishwasher and it tarnished the copper. (I have to use Cascade Complete in my new dw). I hate the thought of having to hand wash each and every pot/pan every time I use it. Is there a better way to do this? Advice? HELP?

I'm ready to donate them to Goodwill and get something cheap and easy!

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Live with the tarnished bottom or polish it with Twinkle after you take it out of the DW.
Or donate them and buy something with a copper core.....copper between stainless steel. It won't be as cheap....but you won't have to polish.
Linda C

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Piece of cake. Next time you are at the store by you some Bar Keepers Friend, works great.

I not suggest using it all the time, or even using the diswasher, just my 2-cents worth.

For those water stains (white stuff) just use the cheapest vinegar you can get your hands on, no effort, wipe on, rinse off.

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