salad saver?

madtowngalFebruary 7, 2007

I'm hoping someone here can help me out. This past weekend, I was being a bit of a bum and watching either HGTV or TLC or some show like that and saw something that really looked pretty cool. It was on a show where they were helping a couple organize their kitchen, fridge, and living room area. They had a red living room and painted the kitchen yellow if that spark a memory of the show.

Anywho, when they were organizing the fridge, they had the people put all the food stuff into plastic tupperware-esque containers. They had one container that they pointed out specifically that was for salads. It had some special vent thingie on the side. You set it depending on what you put in there and they said it could keep bagged salad good for up to three weeks. This would be really helpful to me, since I'm a single gal and hate wasting bagged salads, but I can't always finish them before they go bad.

So, if anyone has heard of the contraption, or something like it, please let me know.


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I had one....doesn't keep bagged salad fresh for up to 3 weeks, unless it has a use by date 3 weeks hence.
Youi can get the same effect by wrapping your salad in a paper towel and putting it in a plastic bag....with a lot less refigerator space used.
Linda C

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