Gas vs electric ranges and cookware

ShatzFebruary 27, 2005

Are there any cookware considerations (type, use, etc.) to make when (sadly) having to switch from a gas range to an electric range?

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Depends on what type of electric range. The traditional coiled element range works OK with most cookware. For smooth-top ceramic ranges, I had the best results with dark anodized flat-bottom aluminum cookware, such as Calphalon. The flat bottom mates well to the flat ceramic cook surface, and the dark anodizing helps by absorbing infrared wavelengths from the elements below and converting it to heat. A bright metal finish reflects a lot of that radiant energy back down towards the elements under the glass ceramic surface. That is part of why I replaced my old budget non-stick aluminum cookware with anodized Calphalon when I had a house with a smooth-top electric range.

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If you are going to a smooth top -- flat bottom. I use a combo of Cuisinart everyday SS, and All Clad SS. Both work very well - the cuisinart for anything fast and AllClad for any slower cooking.

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I specifically went with the old-fashioned coils because I wanted to be able to use my 31-year-old well-seasoned carbon steel wok on a regular basis. And they can't be used on the modern flat glass tops.

I also didn't like the flat tops because pets (as in cats) don't readily recognize them as a danger zone.

Third reaason - I didn't like all the cleaning do's & don'ts, as well as constantly having to worry about scratching.

Last but not least - if a coil burns out on my range for some reason, they're a snap to replace. Luckily, I haven't had to replace anything, & this after having 2 pots actually melt onto the coils accidentally.

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