All Clad Wok - how do I clean it?

SadieVFebruary 12, 2013

I recently purchased the All Clad Wok, and have used it a few times for stir fries. Last week I made a stir fry with peanut oil, and it looks as though the oil turned into varnish on the sides of the pan. I tried scouring it, used Barkeepers Friend, and no luck -- the brown specks see inpentrable.

Any other ideas on how to get it clean -- or do I just learn to live with it. Did I do something wrong to cause this?

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Your wok is now "seasoned" this is a normal process used also on griddles, and cast iron skillets. Removing it only means starting all over again. Leave it alone, and get used to the look, it will get even better with age and so will the food you cook in it. A carbon steel wok will attain the same seasoning, but because of it's dark color, you can't see it...

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exactly, scrubbing it ruins it.

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