Lagostina cookware

confused123February 9, 2005

I did a search on this forum and did not find any references to it. Anyone have any thoughts? We have recently purchased an induction cooktop so need to replace most of our pots. Costco has a couple of sets that look good and claim to be induction capable. Thanks.

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Hi there

I'll bet you never thought you would get a response did you. I felt the same way about a type of enameled cast iron that I'm trying to find more of.

Anyway, I have lots of Lagostina cookware. I've had it for more than fifteen years. I have used it in everyway possible including induction. The only thing I would be careful of is whether it had solid metal handles. Some Lagostina handles are not very durable. They are usually the composite handles. My cookware have metal handles.

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