Calphalon non-stick

sscottshivFebruary 7, 2005

I have a Calphalon non-stick grill pan that is no longer non-stick. The suface is not scratched. Does the non-stick wear off or what?

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Sometimes the non-stick aspect degrades if accumulated grease is built up. Per Calphalon's instructions, you can clean with a plastic Dobie and see what happens.

It is odd to lose non-stick qualities without visual cues -- i.e. scratches or specks gone that show where the coating has worn off. It is after all a physical coating on the surface that is super slippery.

Calphalon is guaranteed for 10 years or life depending on the line so depending on the age of your product, you should contact Calphalon if it really continues to stick.

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If you use the spray on oils it can effect the non stick quality as it builds up and gets "sticky". The Dobie with lots of dish detergent till it gets real clean might work.

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Yes - the non stick spray will mess up non stick since it can't be really scrubbed like regular cookware can.

I've always wondered why the heck you need to use spray on nonstick. My nonstick pans don't stick but I will usually add a teensy bit of olive oil when sauteing just for flavor.

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Blazedog, I use the small amount of olive oil as well. I was just mentioning the spray for others who may not be aware of the problem.

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Mes -- I didn't think you were using PAM -- My question was more of a roll your eyes, why the HECK do all these recipes instruct you to spray the pan.

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What is a Dobie?

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It's a brand name for one of those plastic mesh ball type things you use to scrub surfaces which don't allow metal soap pads. Like non stick pans or stainless sinks. You put some dishwashing liquid on them and scrub whatever.

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