wanted: whooo wah goodies from maria (mer2025)!

jessyfJuly 1, 2011

THANK YOU Maria these items will be put to use TODAY!!!!

I have been watching my doorstep like a hawk since I know the swap is winding down. When I saw a big package on my doorstep I knew today was the day for my box to arrive, and I wasn't wrong!

Ann assigned me to Maria - poor thing - I'm a challenge - but I think we both have a corner of our hearts for each other, don'tcha think? âÂÂ¥

Maria knows me well - she sent me a set of pretty napkins I can use outside in our outdoor kitchen, which I do. I was running low. She also sent me as part of the package a jar of Sicilian olives which NO ONE ELSE IN MY FAMILY WILL TOUCH (because I won't let them) and the most beautiful pewter dish with an olive pick to put them in. I'm always serving olives (especially Graber!) and I love love love silver/pewter things!

NOT as part of the package, Maria said she found a used library sale cookbook from a nearby synagogue. I love libraries, library sale books, and regional synagogue cookbooks, triple score!

Thank you Maria for a mix of consumables and keepsake items that I will use and treasure!


EJ (tm)

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How nice! Love the olive bowl - and you're right, EJ, I wouldn't let my family get at that jar of olives either. Such a nice assortment of swap gifts, Maria! Well done!

Enjoy, Jessy!

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Maria! What lovely swap items you picked out for our resident Evil One!

Jessica, I love love the pewter dish with pick for serving olives! I know...those Grabers are the best!

I can see you know sitting and reading the cookbook like a novel!


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Maria always sends well thought out swap gifts. I know how much Jessica loves Olives so this is the perfect gift for Jessica. That little olive dish and pick are so cute.


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Those are the perfect gifts for Jessy! All things she will really enjoy.

Great job Maria!!!!!!!


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I love, love, love the olive tray! What a perfect complement of items! GREAT job Mer!

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Not sure how you're able to keep the family from those olives. If Maria's package came to my house, DS would have the jar gone before the other gifts were even unwrapped.

That tray is really sweet!

Nice swap Maria & Jessy.

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(Maria, sorry for messing up your name in my title, it is Mer4025! I was so excited to compose my post. Mea culpa!)

(I'm still cracking up at the 'Paesana' label too )

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LOL Jessy, that paesana made me LOL too. My Pop Pop was big on calling people paesans. Love everything. The napkins are really pretty and that olive tray sure is gorgeous. Don't get any evil ideas because of it's shape!! The NOT part of package cookbook looks very interesting. I love books like that too. Ya did great Maria. Lucky Jessy.

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Super choices, Maria, and they seem so right for Jessy. The cookbook "not gift", seems like a true choice from the heart.

I'm sure the olives will taste extra special from that dish, or maybe, if you're really not going to share them, they will never see the dish, but the soft color of Grabers would be pretty in the pewter too. The napkins are so summery and pretty.


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OMGosh!!! LOVE!! But I love pewter too :)

Some of my favorite recipes are from Home grown recipe books so that's a win too even if it wasn't part of the swap.

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lol Coconut. It's a beautiful olive dish. I like the little pick. Nice package...I bet that cookbook is a good read.

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Very nice!! Don't get your olives near me, Jessica, I'll fight for them!
That looks like a perfect summer gift.

Well done, Maria!

And yeah, looks like 3 to me: Cookbook, napkins, "olive stuff". LOL


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Are the olives in just olive oil? If so, I would save that oil after the olives are gone! I love the pewter tray - it looks like a pickle. I really like little condiment trays - they are fun to set out and use.


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Olives that aren't brined, just in olive oil? I've never heard of that.

I agree, Lars, that dish DOES look a bit like a pickle, and it's very cute and unique.

Maria, you did a very nice job.


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"olives, water, salt, garlic, EVOO, spices, lactic acid"

I hereby declare myself TOTALLY dyslexic. I typoed Maria's username yet again. It is mer4205! Apologies!

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What a nice box! I would have already emptied the jar of olives! Love them.

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