Follow Up on Member's Mark Tri-Ply

MaryGoldberryFebruary 25, 2005

I see from earlier postings some of you did purchase the Member's Mark Tri-Ply cookware. Is there any follow up reactions you could give after having used the cookware? I'm looking to replace a couple pots. I have a large LC French Oven, a gorgeous 10 in copper skillet, a Calphalon non-stick griddle, and a great 12 inch iron skillet. My pots though are old shakey handled Farberware I got for college 14 years ago. I'd love to get All-Clad, but the price limits me. Thanks for the feedback!!

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I purchased the MM Tri-Ply and love it. I've tried to figure out how it could be significantly different from the All-Clad stainless since it uses the same grade stainless and aluminum core. The handles are very comfortable. They cook well and clean up well with some BKF. Oh, and as a bonus, they look great. For 120 dollars, I don't think you can go wrong.


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