advice to those about to frame

landngarageOctober 31, 2012

Insist your framers have some fiberglass batts on hand to fill voids they create in the framing process that they will be sheathing over. Once sheathed, your insulation crew will have a difficult time getting to some spots, corners esp.

2x6 construction. Exterior walls and any walls with plumbing.

Be familiar with the different hurricane strapping pieces and insist on alot of it. Big storms can arise anywhere.

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We make it a point to have several sheets of Styrofoam of varying thickness on site, usually 1.5" and 2" works out,for our framers to insert in these future inaccessible spots. Until the roof is installed these walls sometimes get wet which is why Styrofoam works better than fiberglass.

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Thanks for the great idea...We are just getting ready to frame so if you have anymore I would love to hear them.

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Advanced framing with two-stud corners eliminates the problem. But you have to plan the build that way.

Here is a link that might be useful: Building Science Corp.: Advanced Framing

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