Summer treats for everyone from Alison!!!

stacy3July 29, 2006

Well after camping for the past few days we reluctantly left because of Scott leaving for a business trip. Will and I were particularly disappointed, so we were both very happy to see a package on the porch as we pulled in the driveway!

I couldnÂt figure out who it was fromÂno note. So I turned on the computer and found that Alison lived in Ohio and had forgotten her note  mystery solved! Then I had to find the camera in all of our camping "stuff"Â.

Look at how beautiful this looked when we opened the box!

Right away, I thought  "oh, she knows I love margaritas (lol!) and she knows I need more things for outdoor entertaining! The plastic margarita glasses are great!

The rest of the packages were numbered and I told Will to rip into package number 1 titled "for the young at heart" I wish I had the camera poised  he lit up when he opened the popsicle molds! He asked if he could have oneÂ(he really is a bright kid  reallyÂ)

Now I will add that Alison and I were in close contact when I got the package (I had to verify that it was from her  lol!) and she sent me an email with info about the package. She included the sweetest story about eating popsicles at her grandmotherÂs when she was a kid and sent some great ideas for how to fill theseÂYum! I will post her rocky road pops soon!

No I have to sidetrack just a bit ÂAlison said that she was "intimidated" when she got my name because I "seem like such an accomplished cook" I REALLY AM QUOTING HERE!!! I laughed and laughed and laughedÂnot laughing at you Alison, but just that I have come SO FAR since meeting everyone here!!! I never expected to hear a comment like that!!! Thank you.

Anway, she decided to focus on my outdoor space  which worked out great  we love being outdoors and having drinks on the patio or pool deck  plastic cups are wonderful. (Summer is so short here, we really take advantage of it).

So she sent a bucket of mojitos! Scott and I watched Bobby Flay make these recently and both commented that we had to try some. Never had em. Not for long!!!!! Another quote from Alison "we all know that guests can be a little clumsy with your stemware after a drink or three Âhence the plastic glasses! TheyÂre fun, theyÂre funky  and you retrieve them from the bushes with no harm done." Another quote that made me laugh.

I believe the package started with these beautiful ice cream bowls. I donÂt have anything like these Alison and I love them. Will just thinks youÂre WONDERFUL with thoughts of popsicles and ice cream! To go with them, she sent some delicious sounding red raspberry syrup, Belgian Chocolate Sauce described as "heaven in a jar" (I think IÂm hiding thisÂ), and some Cadbury Finger cookies! I will take pics of some gorgeous sundaes, guys!

Alison, what a fun package for all of us  itÂs so refreshing and just perfect for us! You did a great job checking me out and found some wonderful things. Thank you again.


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Oh good things do come to those who wait! You can't top Will's expression, no one could. I love the comments about finding the glasses in the bushes. LOL. Terrific swap and I got to comment first...well, maybe.

Great work Alison!

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hee hee - Scott's off to get rum. the pool heater's on. I'm fillin those popsicle molds, and am running out later to get ice cream!

Do ya think we're gonna enjoy this package??? LOLOLOL!!!!!!

(i'm still hiding that chocolate sauce.)

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You mean to tell me you need the pool heated? Oh, man!

Great package you did there, Alison! Something for the whole family.

Enjoy, Stacy, Will and Scott!

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HEY Teresa, I've been roughing it for 3 days - YES, I need the pool heated! lol.

just kidding. Since I have to limit my "sun time", we had our pool installed under trees and it doesn't get much direct sun - it doesn't heat up like most do!

oh, I have to stop procrastinating and drag Sam up for a bath. SHe had so much fun, but I've never seen her so tired. SHe spent most of her time with her head under the water trying to find the exact rock that we just threw to

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Alison, what a nice "summery" swap package. Love those little ice cream bowls and those eye-popping margarita glasses.

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Will is precious! That alone was worth opening this thread! What a nice COOL package. I'm bummed about you cutting off your vacation, but glad to see you got your package!

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Oh wow, Alison you did great!

Will really is precious. He looks delighted!

Stacy, Glad you're back and your dog is a real beauty! Enjoy your box!

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I had never heard of Tovolo be4 this swap of yours..
What yummy offerings!

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I just had the BEST time reading this thread! I love the swap box! Stacy I know you'll enjoy it all - and so will WILL!

I love Mojitos - wish I was closer so I could join you!

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I love that package! It is so summery-fun! Congrats and enjoy Stacy. Nice job, Alison!

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look at all those bright summery colours! what a bunch of nice treats for all, good job Allison.


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Very colorful and fun package - and so summery!

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Stacy, very cool package! And one the whole family will love. It's great!
Alison, you did a fantastic job!


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Great summer package...I want some ice cream in those bowls, wish I could run over for some.

Nice job Alison.


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How perfect! Will sure looks like he enjoyed the haul, Stacy. Looks like Alison put together a sweet summer package. How are the mojitos and who did you have to pull out of the bushes?

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Stacy, do you think you can put some of that Mojito mix in the pops???

What a divine package. I just love those ice cream bowls. I got the same pop molds from Granjan and can't wait for Allison's recipes (did you say Rocky Road?). I made a few blueberry ones with pureed frozen blueberries and milk! Now, that is one pop he got to have for breakfast today. the pics!

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What, the chocolate sauce isn't gone yet? Stacy, you are slipping!!! The frozen mojitos in the popsicle molds sound perfect for the weather we're having here.

What perfect timing, a vacation cut short and a surprise waiting, and what a nice, sweet box it is.

Like Diana, I want to know who you had to pull out of the bushes. C'mon, 'fess up.


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well, I mixed em up, but they had to freeze for 8 hrs. So today it will be!

I also didn't get to get ice cream. gosh, I was pooped out after hauling back and unpacking. Not to mention sleeping on a VERY thin "mattress" for 3 nights - lol. so about quarter to 8, Will asked what was for supper!!! Heck, I hadn't even thought of it.

Here is the recipe for the Rocky Road Pops ala Alison

1 pkg chocolate pudding
1/2 cup miniature marshmallows
1/4 cup chopped peanuts

Make pudding according to directions. Stire in marshmallows and nuts and pour into molds to freeze.

Gosh, all I did was fill em with lemonade - now you guys are mentioning the mojito mix and everything - I've got to wake up my imagination! Maggie those blueberry ones sound fabulous! Alison also said that she will sometimes use low fat vanilla yogurt to make creamier versions of fruit juice pops. YUM!

ps. the only one in the bushes was me - I hung up a hammock that we had camping and didn't have it tied tight enough...


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Alison, you really put together a perfect "Summer" swap box for Stacy. I love the shape and colours of the ice cream bowls. I bet they get a lot of use.

Stacy I hope you take a picture of Will eating a Rocky Road Pop.


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lol @ Will asking for a pop! He is such a handsome young man Stacy, what a great smile he has! I'm sure he will start to think up ice pops creations on his own ~ just keep him out of your Mojitos!

Alison ~ Cool summertime package, great margarita glasses & sundae cups!!!

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Having met Stacy and her family I can tell yu that this package is perfect! They are a tight, fun loving, casual, backyard living kinda famikly!

I love those ice cream dishes , they are wau cool!

Enjoy guys!

PS: Hi Will, great seeing you again honey! You too Stacy!

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The ice cream bowls are fabulous, such beautiful colors and a very graceful shape too!

Great summertime package!

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Sounds like Alison's been to a few summer "bashes " -- and how perfectly this package of goodies says "Summertime" . you'll get alot of use from these Stacy -- and Will certainly looks like he's pleased!

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Stacy, I love that picture of Will. He looks so excited. Hope you didn't have too many Mojitos.

Very fun package you put together Alison. Perfect for summer.


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The timing Saturday was too funny! I was at work, and had written a note to Stacy explaining dsome of the items. I hit send (corrected all my mispellings) and check my email -- to find a note from Stacy!

I'm so sorry your vacation got cut short, but I'm glad the box was waiting for you. And I'm glad you're enjoying the things I sent -- Will looks like he's ready to chow happily! I thought of him and those pops this weekend. I had a dead-ripe honeydew melon Friday night, so I made straight popsicles with limeade concentrate. In the 93degree, 110 percent relative humidity Sunday afternoon, a friend and I lay out on the porch and ate two or three each.

I will personally testify that you can drop the margarita glasses in the bushes without damage. And the bright colors make them easy to spot in the morning!

I' so glad you liked everything, and I'm glad I could brighten your weekend a bit!

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Lovely ice cream dishes. And pops are always tops for kids. My grandson also wants them for breakfast! Yogurt with fruit is a great idea.

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I love it. Stacy, your son is adorable.

Alison, you sure do pack a great basket. I love the "retreive from the bushes with no harm done" line. LOL That's how you know it was a good party.

Lori (who is now craving chocolate sauce)

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I'll carry these from the WFD thread...

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Thanks for the rocky road pop recipe! Oh, man...what do I want more...the frozen mojito or the ice cream? eennie meaniee minie moe...what's in the ice cream? cinnamon sticks? cookies?

Your son has such a sunny personality. He just looks like such a happy boy.

Alison - too funny about finding the glasses in the bushes the next day because of the bright colors!!! They should market that!

Stacy, great pictures.

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yes, Will is a happy guy - my sonshine...:-)

Maggie, those are the cadbury fingers that Alison included! They had gotten a little melty and stuck together...oh well, we had to use two at a time. :-)


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Wow, Stacy, your swap package is making me feel cooler already! I love fun outdoor stuff! Will is such a cutie, too! Looks like he is chomping at the bit for a cool pop!

Mojitos, too! I would be in heaven!

Alison, you done good, girl!


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I'll meet you at the pool Stacy! Mojitos or ice cream work for me....bring both if you don't mind. Once again Alison has put together another great package that I'm sure you will enjoy. Well, you already have according to the most recent pics!

(Love that pic of you and Sam in the stream!)

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Love those margarita glasses!! The ice cream bowls are great! I also love those popsicle molds! Nice treats to go along with the serving vessels!! Great picture of Will! Enjoy!

Alison...what a great package! Super job!

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