I think I'm In Love....

gardenladFebruary 1, 2007

Question: Did I need an electric knife sharpener?

Answer: Absolutely not!

Question: Did I buy an electric knife sharpener?

Answer: Yes I did.

Well, there was this unexpected royalty check, you see. And I'd been browsing around the ads and reviews and really wondering. So I went and ordered the Chef's Choice 130. Which arrived yesterday.

Spent a pleasant hour playing with it as soon as the UPS man left. People, this is a keeper!

My knives required, at most, two passes through the first station, then the same through the third. And poof! Done!

In hindsite, I should have ordered the 120, and saved ten bucks, because it will probably be a rare instance that I use station 2--which is the steel. With the 130, you see, you use station one to sharpen, then either station 2 (the steel) or the recommended station 3 (the strop). And, the fact is, I like playing with my hand-held steel. Gives me the feeling that I'm in charge, or something.

How would the 130 work on a truely dull blade? Haven't a clue, cuz no such animal exists in my house. But my best guess is that the machine would just laugh at it, and change it to paper-cutting sharp in just a few passes.

So, on net, I'm in love with the 130. Given the price tag, though, it's not the sort of purchase I'd recommend to everybody.

Anyone else got experience with a power-sharpener?

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gardenlad, I began a similar love affair a few months ago. Got an electric knife sharpener and I'm thrilled with it. Not the same brand as yours but it does a great job and the reviews from other buyers was excellent. And like you mentioned, it's just kinda fun ;~)

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Hmmm.I didn't *need* a knife sharpener, either. But in retrospect now that I have it and use it, I do need it. I have the same model as you do, and I have used all three slots. DH had a very dull knife that he takes fishing...it's a very old Sabatier, carbon steel. That baby did a heck of a job making that blade sing! I like the idea of being able to sharpen my knives at home instead of having to bring them to someone else. I still use my steel every day, but the electric sharpener is still nice to have. I got mine for the ridiculous price of $89.00 at TJ Maxx...couldn't pass it up!

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>I got mine for the ridiculous price of $89.00Hmmmmph! Nobody likes a braggart in skirts! ;>)

Mine was considerably more than that. :>( But I think that even at $149 it will be worthwhile in the long run.

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I very rarely wear skirts because then I'd have to wear pantyhose or tights. And we all know that pantyhose were invented by men, because they don't have a clue as to how absolutely torturous they are to wear ;o) And you're right about it being worth the money paid.

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>And we all know that pantyhose were invented by men,If so, they were invented by men who dislike women. I don't know a single man who doesn't hate pantyhose. Me most certainly included.

But hey! A good sharp knife, and a steady hand, and poof! No more pantyhose. How's that for getting us back OT. :>)

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Another rave for the Chef's Choice 130! I thought I had been keeping my knives sharp with a hand-held Accusharp and regular steeling, but wow! what a difference with this gadget. I find myself using the built-in steel on the 130 because of the controlled angle, which is difficult to achieve with a traditional steel unless you're a pro. I spent something like $119 for mine, and happily give up all the pantyhose that money might have bought!


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Is the 130 the one that can be used with Japanese knives?

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I don't believe so. Not if you're talking about true Japanese knives. They only have a taper on one side, and there's a special sharpener made for them.

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I don't "need" a knife sharpener either... but where's my unexpected royalty check?!

If I have knives with both types of edges, will one sharpener sharpen 2 ways or will I require 2 royalty checks to meet my "need?"

PS. So glad to hear folks are having this much fun in the kitchen!

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I have a Chef's Coice 2000 and dislike it. It only has 2 slots (no strop), and it requires many passes. Whatever I sharpen with it I finish with stones. Now, I mostly use it to sharpen the pocket knives DH uses on the ranch. I finish those with stones also.

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Sorry to here that, KD. But it's one of the reasons I bit the finanacial bullet and got the 130.

So far, only one of my knives has needed more than two passes per side. That one was dull, and hadn't been used in awhile. It took either four or five passes, something like that.

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Hmmmm....that's what I asked for for Christmas. DH got me some kind of inexpensive manual Chef's Choice unit instead - it wasn't the price - he just didn't pay attention to the details. It's okay but now I'm wanting the 130 again.....

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I just finally got mine last week and I am in love too. I have the one that does do Asian style knives though I don't currently have one. Some of my other Henkels knives were very very dull though, after a year with 3 20 something boys. and they are sharp as can be now.
I am afraid that too many of us do MAKE DO saying we don't NEED the sharpener, when it would make life and cooking so much better if we had one, a good one anyway.

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This got me thinking We bought Chicago cutlery knives about 25 years ago. Then 15 years ago we bought top line Henckel's knives.

Could we have just kept our original inexpensive carbon steel knives and spent a lot less money on a good sharpener?

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Yes and no (how's that for a decisive answer).

Chicago Cutlery comes in a range of qualities, from pure crap to really fine. So it depends on what level you got. The low end stuff doesn't hold an edge, no matter what you do. The better stuff does.

But I hope you aren't saying that you've gone 15 years without sharpening the Henckels. If so, you might have well of bought cheap stuff to begin with. It's long overdue.

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LOL! We've sharpened the Henckels often, just not as often as we did the Chicago Cutlery. DH is very good with stones. I also strop the knives each time before use.

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I have the 120 and love it. I didn't "need" it either but my DH knew I had it on my wish list and surprised me. My favorite knife is a Old Hickory carbon steel one that sharpens and cuts like a dream - I can get it much sharper than my much more expensive knives!

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I want to be in love, but I'm having trouble with my Chef's Choice 110. I just can't seem to get the angle right. One side of the blade seems to have more steel taken off of it than the other. Also, as I'm drawing the blade through, on one side it seems to grab it and spit it out too quickly.

Does this make any sense? I noticed that mine is much less expensive. Is yours easier to use?

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I don't have any problems like that. But I've never seen a 110 except in photos, so can't advise you.

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I don't have that problem either but I have the 120. Did you read your instruction book completely?

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I did read the instruction booklet carefully.

I'm not sure if it is me or if something is wrong with the product. I phoned chefschoice and they have an upgrade promo on right now, so I may just upgrade to the 120.

Surprisingly, the person who provides telephone support has never used either product herself!

I'll let you know how I make out.

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The 110's are definitely not as good as the 120's and 130's. There is a huge difference. Also, sometimes the magnets and or discs get out of alignment and the asymmetry you are experiencing results. I would ask the manufacturers if they will examine/repair/replace as necessary if they determine that the machine does not work as it should.

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My father got a Shun (Kershaw) electric sharpener a few months ago. I haven't used it, but he seems to like it, and he is fairly fastidious about the quality of the edge on his blades.


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I received my Chef's Choice 120 today. Now I know for sure that my 110 was off alignment from the get-go as kitchendetective detected.

It it weren't for this thread, I would have never known that I could experience such happiness. I am running of things to chop :).

Financially, it was not a very good deal for me. I had to send back my 110, pay $80, and then another $20 Canada Customs Fee (because they put a value of $139 for Customs purposes). It probably would have been easier and cheaper to just go to a local store and buy one. But hey, I'm happy.

Thank you gardenlad for starting this thread!

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costco on line has Chef's Choice 3-stage DiamondHone Electric Knife Sharpener it is a 115 for 99.99 .I have been looking at it for a week .Does anyone have this one ? I was trying to decide if I wanted to order it or just go buy the 130 that cost a bit more that you guys seem to be so happy with .

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I'm happy to hear good reviews about the new Chef's Choice sharpeners. It gave me the courage to order one yesterday.

Did I need one? Probably. I haven't had a single knife sharpened in over twenty five years.

I just purchased a new set of carbon steel knives, I grew up with carbon steel knives--love them, but I know that I need to mend my ways. I just don't see myself using a stone though to sharpen.

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Lots of advantages to carbon steel, Miamibarb, so there's no need to apologize.

One thing to keep in mind is that they take an edge faster than stainless, but don't hold it as long. They should be honed before every use.

If you ordered the 130, honing (actually stropping, but it amounts to the same thing) is done on the #3 slot. Or just learn to use a steel, which is a lot faster.

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