The perfect saucier for whisked sauces (e.g. bechamel)

kltaylorFebruary 18, 2005

I know the interior has to be stainless and the sides should curve at the bottom. Any specific suggestions?

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This? Wondering if 2 1/2 quarts is too big for sauce. I generally cooking for 2-4.

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kltaylor, Calphalon is currently running a sale at all the usual suspects' on their 21/2 qt stainless triply(like All-clad) for about $20. It's a great pan for the money...Jackie

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You really need to size the saucier to the amount of sauce you're going to make.

I've found that if you use too big a pan with too little sauce you can end up with real consistency problems.

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I use ALl Clad and love them, and yes size matters.

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