Lovely hand made gifts from BC!

riverrat1July 12, 2011

I was stunned when my husband brought my swap package home from the post office. It was from BC!! I knew then that AnnT was my swap buddy. Without even thinking I tore into it and didn't notice the order in which to open. Heck, I was sooo excited!

The first thing I could get to was a lovely handmade board that Ann and Moe hand make. The wood is "Vancouver Island Big Leaf Maple". The grain is amazing and it will never be cut on. This will strictly be used for serving. It is just way to beautiful to scratch! Charles has already deemed it wall worthy!

The next envelope contained a handwoven towel from "Leola's Studio" in Whippletree Junction, BC. Leola teaches a variety of textile arts such as weaving, spinning, knitting, crocheting, dying, woven tapestry, tread painting, quilting techniques and more! This is a very special piece that will only be used for looking at! LOL! The detail is wonderful! I love it and it matches my kitchen perfectly.

I couldn't have been more thrilled with the first two items and then I found another envelope. Inside contained linen tea towels/napkins with a handpainted apple design that's a one of a kind design. They are so nice and will look perfect on the four top dining room table.

Here is everything together!

Ann, Thank you so much for the hand made items. I have always appreciated the art of making anything with one's hands and these items are so nice!

To top off my big swap day my Son came in from Kansas and surprised me!!!

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Beautiful, useful, and unique - all three! Lovely choices, Ann - enjoy these gifts for a long time to come, Karen!


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Fabulous gifts and such nice stories to go with them! I would love to take some of Leona's classes, as I have always been very interested in textile art. My grandmother's sister taught me to crochet when I was a small boy, but I discouraged from continuting it after I started elementary school.

What size is the board? I love the shape and would be tempted to use one side of it for chopping and keep the other side pristine. I think I would use the painted tea towels as decoration; the plaid one I would want to handle! It looks like it has a sensual quality to it.

I'm sure your are thrilled to pieces with this and am so happy you were able to receive from Ann. She did tell me that there was a mail strike in Canada, and so this must be why there was a slight delay, but more than worth the wait!


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Beautiful! Just the sort of thing I would love to give or receive as a gift. Very thoughtful.


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Gorgeous board! I think I would only serve on it too, but often! It just begs for one of Ann's baguettes!
Love the linens as well, they're just far too pretty to use!

Very nice, Ann!


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Karen, I'm so happy that you like the gifts I choose for you. We have so many wonderful artisans in this area it was difficult to decide what to send you.

I knew that I had to send you one on Leola's linen hand towels. I know how much you love tea towels and this towel was woven just for you. The warp was already set, but I choose the blue and the wheat. I love the texture. I'm glad the colours work with your kitchen colours. Leola said to tell you that the more you wash it the softer it will become. Just don't put it in the dryer.

Please don't be afraid to use your board. It was also made just for you by Moe. A few cut marks will just add more character.


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What beautiful things! I've already started rubbing the board.

We have really got to get up to Canada!


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Ann, I didn't know that the linen hand towel was woven just for ME!?! Wow! I too love the texture. Lars got it right when he said "It looks like it has a sensual quality to it." It really ~sigh~ does :-) I have a thing about touching fabrics and stopping to enjoy the moment...this towel is certainly worthy of that!

Please let Moe know that the board is perfect for my household. It is the perfect size, from the longest point (18x9), for us to use as a serving board for cheese, butter and crackers. I really will have to think long and hard before I cut on that board. Thank you Moe and Ann for the most perfect gifts that I could receive from you. I'm a very lucky girl doing the swap happy dance!

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Truly a treasure trove of beautiful hand-made items...beautiful - well done! -maria

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Karen I hope that Leona's work doesn't give Garnier Thiebaut a run for its money, LOL! I always love seeing the different boards too. Give your DS a hug for me and thank him as well.

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What wonderful gifts, all with a special meaning.
I love the apple napkins.
Enjoy your gifts.

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What gorgeous goodies! The grain in that chopping board is glorious, and the apple napkins and towel are so pretty.

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Charles, thanks for posting. I was hoping this was a gift that you would also enjoy.

Colleen, "Glorious" what a great word to describe the rare crash of figures (birds eye, Spalt, Quilt, etc) found in Karen's board.

Jessica, I have one of Garnier Thiebaut's beautiful towels that Karen gave me in a swap many years ago. I love it and I am still using it.


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Put me on the list as one who thinks this is a very special swap package. Love it all!!!!


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Incredible! Awesome! Beautiful! Special! Wow!

I love the grain in the board, how fantastic! I wish I could touch it, and the tea towel. and the linens... So special to enjoy the work of true artisans. Great box, Ann!

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Truly beautiful, Ann.
That's what I love so much about your part of the world, is the appreciation for artisanal work (including Moe's!).

Riverrat, what a great swap package!

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That is a beautiful board Ann and Moe. I love interesting wood. That looks much like some spalted birch a friend cut and milled. It made gorgeous cabinets.

The napkins are really nice, but that towel is special. Glad you got a good haul too, Karen.

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beachlily z9a

What a treasure trove! Wonderful swap package!

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I love every one of those gifts! I can just feel that towel. The board is certainly a major gift from both Ann and Moe. How special. I love the napkins too. I love anything hand painted. Great box!!

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All hand made items. LOVE!!! What a wonderful gift.

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that is one absolutely beautiful box of gifts. You know how I love wood, and that board is just perfect. Don't be afraid to use it, though, wood is so forgiving, just a quick rub with fine sandpaper and some oil and it's good as new, maybe with a little more character even.

I also think that linen towel looks soft and luxurious, like it was meant to be hendled and the napkins are gorgeous too.

Enjoy everything, and Ann, you did a flawless job of choosing items for Karen.


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