do you use a hand and stand mixer?

vacuumfreakFebruary 26, 2007

Hi! I am just curious as to whether or not people use both a stand mixer and hand mixer. I bought my Kitchen Aid Classic for 30 dollars six years ago and have been very happy with it. I was a dishwasher at a restaurant when I was 17 and one of the older waitresses was moving and just wanted to get rid of it! I love it so much I leave it out all the time on display even though the counters in the apartment are microscopic. I found a nice nook for it and I don't know what else I would have put in that space anyway. I know there are many people who say this model doesn't do the job for them and they have to have the bowl lift models with higher wattage. I can't imagine ever outgrowing my model, but maybe I'd want a bigger one just for a color change one day! Anyway, I had a friend give me a black and decker hand mixer to supplement my stand for smaller things. She was moving to Arkansas and didn't want to have to take it. It was new in the box and I still haven't even plugged it in. Firstly, it's a cheap model... very small and plastic and I'm sure weak. Maybe good for muffins or something. I don't think I will ever use it. The KA stays out and it's so easy just to plop the ingredients right in the bowl... not taking it out plugging it in, and finding the beaters. Do you use a stand mixer for some jobs and and a hand mixer for others?

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i don't own a stand mixer, and i use a hand mixer for creaming butter/sugar, and whipping egg whites, things like that. I have a KA hand mixer, plenty powerful. the only time i have trouble is when i'm supposed to pour something into the bowl as i mix it (three hands, anyone?), which happened w/white chocolate blondies the other day. Still, i like to bake bread, so i'd probably go for something pretty powerful if i did get a stand mixer, one that could handle lots of dough. btw, for muffins, i just mix them by hand; the only things i can't effectively do by hand are the jobs i mentioned above. I'd say if you're not outgrowing your stand mixer, don't worry about replacing it, but i really like having a good hand mixer that i can stick in a drawer when i'm not using it, and clean up really easily!

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I use both, frequently while preparing the same recipe. I do leave my KA mixer out, it's just too heavy to move up and down, and I make bread once or twice a week, so it gets a lot of use. I just upgraded from the KA Artisan to the Pro 600, a mixer I never thought I'd need or use, but with heavy bread dough, it's wonderful.

If I'm making cheese danish, for example, I'll mix the dough with the stand mixer and the filling and frosting with the hand mixer.

I use the hand mixer for little things, like whipping cream, making mashed potatoes, mixing batter. I use the big one for bread and cookie dough, whipping egg whites, and things that need either the power or the speed of the KA.

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I lusted after a stand mixer for 30 years before I finally broke down and bought one for myself. Before that I used a series of hand mixers, mostly the highest-powered KA (and once had the mixer break ON Thanksgiving Day, as I prepared to whip potatoes - thank goodness for Walgreen's 24/7/365 policy!). Anyway, since I got the stand mixer and remodeled the kitchen, I have the stand mixer out, so haven't used the hand mixer at all.

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I own both, but the old KA stand mixer is always out on the baking slab, so that's all I end up using. When the whole family is here for the holidays and several people are cooking or baking at the same time, someone always uses the hand mixer, too.

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Until recently I only owned the KA Artisan- used it every day, loved it. Still love it but just got a Russell Hobbs immersion blender with attachments that include beaters, a balloon whisk, and food processor bowl. I find myself using this appliance all the time for smaller jobs (egg whites, whipped cream etc). It has three speeds, is easy to clean, takes up little space- just all around and awesome little gadget.

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Hi marleesmom. Where were you in January when I made my post about immersion/stick blenders? I was considering a Russell Hobbs from Ebay but I couldn't find any reviews of it, so I went to Wal-mart (because of their liberal return policy) and bought one just to see if I liked the style. I planned to return it after using it a week and then buy the Russell Hobbs... it never happened. Glad you like yours... mine works, but it's so cheaply made I'm surprised the blades and cord wires aren't plastic... ugly too!

Here is a link that might be useful: my immersion blender post

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I use a Kenwood 30 year old stand mixer, similiar to the Kitchenaides but stronger. I use hand mixers and I use an immersion blender. You use the right tool for the job if you have it.

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I've got both, as well.

2 KitchenAid stand mixers--one larger bowl lift, one smaller with the tilt top. I use them for larger recipes, and heavier mixtures like cookies and bread dough.

A stand mixer comes in handy, though. Great when you're doing 2 mixtures that need to be combined (egg whites being folded into a beaten batter, for example)--you can do both at once. And I generally use the hand mixer if I'm whipping up a smaller amount of whipped cream. Sometimes for a cake-type batter if it doesn't require several minutes of beating.

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I'm glad I read this post. In my old kitchen my stand mixer stayed on the counter, and my hand mixer was so far in the back of a corner cupboard it never came out. I nearly tossed it when we moved. I hadn't thought of the times it would be nice to have 2 mixers so I wouldn't have to stop and wash beater and bowl from my stand mixer.

For the original poster, I suspect the usefulness of your 2nd mixer will depend a lot on how handy it is.

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I also use both. Have a KA that sits out and I also use the KA hand for quick and light things like whipped cream.

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Years ago I bought the big "KA" Mixer,the 1st.speed went out immediately. I never bothered to get it fixed. Now I purchased a "Sunbeam" electric hand mixer that works great.Now I'm thinking for the big Mixer,I would like the "Viking", really looks nice! Does anyone have a Viking & if so, do you like it? razenette

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I have both and use both. I have a Cuisinart 7qt. stand mixer for heavy duty and large quantity jobs. The hand mixer is for minor stuff like egg mixture or any type of liquid mixture, etc.

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