WANTED: Riverrat rocks!

KatieCJuly 9, 2011

We got home yesterday to find a large box from Fedex. What a treat after a long day of road construction and bumper to bumper summer traffic.

It was a classy box from a classy lady. First I pulled out three beautifully wrapped boxes and a card that told me in what order to open them;

Then I found a cookbook and thought, "uh-oh...she broke the three item rule." But she didn't the first box held some wrought iron...a legged trivet or so I thought. The second box was the other half of the set. A gorgeous sort of brick red beverage dispenser. Perfect. I'd been looking at one at Costco, but decided it was way too big. The color goes well with all the wood tones in my house.

Next was a matching casserole dish with scallopy edges, all from Sur La Table. I love the swirly detail of the glaze on the edges. Beautiful and I can't wait to use them. And last but not least, "What's Cooking: Signature Dishes From Southwest Louisiana". I'll be curling up in my chair with this when I get home from work.

Thank you so much, Karen. I will make good use of everything (DH says we could make sauerkraut in that crock, hehe).

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Mmm! I see summer lemonade in your future. Beautiful pieces Karen!! I know you'll love the cookbook, too, it looks like great reading and cooking! Enjoy!

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Very nice! I've always wanted a beverage crock for lemonade and that is a beauty. Love the casserole and the Louisiana cookbook - wonderful choices, Karen! Enjoy, Katie!

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Oh Wow!!!! Karen, you really put together a beautiful swap box for Katie. The beverage dispenser is something else. I've never seen one quite that nice before. Love the colour. And the casserole dish is the perfect size for so many things. Love the colour and shape . I'm sure that Katie will enjoy trying out some Louisiana recipes from her new cookbook.


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That's a great bev. dispenser and dish - love the style...a local cookbook really rounds out your swap package. Enjoy! -maria

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I also love the beverage dispenser - it will be perfect for patio use so that you won't have to go back inside for another drink. The casserole dish looks great also.

I'm sure there will be some great recipes in that cookbook - I've never had bad food in southern Louisiana, and I even had great food (fried chicken) in the bus station in Lake Charles. I have several books on Cajun cooking, as it is one of my favorite styles. Some of the ingredients (like alligator) might be a bit difficult to find, however.


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All very nice but I just love that casserole dish. Nicely done.


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I'm so glad you like your box! I was nervous that all could be destroyed by our heafty Fed-X guys.

I like your husband's comment about making sauerkraut in the crock/dispenser! Now that you bring it up the crock could be used for all kinds of things like chases pickles! Oh, now I want one! I submitted several recipes in that cookbook. I highly recommend my BBQ shrimp recipe ;-).

Lars, I remember that fried chicken at the bus station in Lake Charles. The locals would go to the bus station for the chicken because it was so good. LOL! Of course, now the bus station has vending machines. Just this morning our local Lowe's had an alligator shopping in the warehouse. I'm sure someone will be eating some young gator meat tonight!

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I agree, Kate, it's all very nice and the cookbook would be great reading, but I really like the casserole dish.

Katie, I'm sure you're going to enjoy it all. If you need some alligator for one of the recipe, maybe karen could send you one of those, LOL.


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Well done Riverrat! That deep red is just gorgeous. Riverrat, is your BBQ shrimp recipe made with about a ton of butter and cayenne and worchestershire sauce and...? I'm trying to remember my MIL's recipe (she lives in Baton Rouge). I can just picture a few pounds of BBQ gulf shrimp served in that beautiful casserole dish with some fresh bread for dipping, a huge crock of fresh lemonade... Now that's a summer package!

Enjoy, Katiec!

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That's really a gorgeous batch of pressies! I love the crock so much! I have a 2 gallon crock I keep in the fridge in the summer with tea. I just keep a container of lemon slices seperate. I thought it was going to be too big but it fits on top shelf just fine. Colleen almost got a beehive shaped one, but I was a little too paranoid to try sending it to Australia. LOL. I got it for my friends wedding present instead. If the crock is just a little too tall to put in you can always turn the lid upside down while inside fridge.

That cookbook looks wonderful and the casserole would get lots of use here too.

Great La. gifting. Smiles. Enjoy!!

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spacific, my recipe doesn't have worchestershire sauce but instead has many different spices in it. If your interested I'll try to post the recipe later on tonight. :-)

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Oh, boy, what a box!!
I love the casserole dish especially! The crock is beautiful and will come in handy during canning season.......no opening the fridge for another drink!!
Be sure to post what you make from the cookbook. I don't think there's any bad food in southern LA.

And yes, please post the shrimp recipe!!!!! I'm interested!


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Yes, I'd love to have the recipe. Thanks!


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Oh, what a gorgeous drink dispenser. I have never seen one quite like that.

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Super swap package. Love the casserole, book and the crock is one of the nicest ones I've seen.

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