do you have an electric can opener in your kitchen

vacuumfreakFebruary 26, 2007

Hello there. I am just wondering if I am in the minority on this one. When I was stocking my kitchen, I didn't think it necessary to buy an electric can opener. I didn't forget to do it. I just didn't do it on purpose. The counter tops in the apartment are small and those things are loud. I had a friend ask me where I keep my can opener plugged in. I took out my hand crank gadget and she was shocked. I haven't had an electric model since I lived with "other people". I AM the first and only person I know who doesn't have or use an electric can opener though. I don't really eat canned vegetables (or ANY vegetables), but I just use it for the occasional baked beans or tomato sauce. It also comes in handy for evaporated milk. I've noticed that the soup cans and cat food now come with pop tops so it the need for a can opener seems small. I know if we have a hurricane in FL (like THAT would ever happen!), I have my manual can opener and gas stove! Do you have both or just one or the other? Thanks!

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I guess I should also admit that I don't have a toaster either! My microwave has a heating element and at toast feature, but I don't really have the desire for toast... if I do I can do it in the oven. How normal is THAT?

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I do not want one more thing on my counters. I have a hand held one that goes into the drawer. FWIW, it seems that many foods are going to the pull-tab cans. Maybe can openers will become obsolete.

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For years I thought I couldn't live without my electric can opener. That is until I discovered the OXO hand held.

Haven't had electric for 7 years now and don't miss or need one.

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I have used an electric can opener for a few years, it just got too hard to open cans with a manual opener. Arthritis will do that. I may take a look at that OXO, since I don't use the electric opener very often, a good, easy to use manual opener would be nice.

Opening cans with pop tops can be a problem, some of them are very hard to open, so they get popped into the can opener.

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I do, although I would love to get it off the counter. I have an OXO, which I don't love (love how it feels, don't really love that it doesn't open the top clear off) but use a lot. DH still can't understand why I don't always use the electric version.

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i have a decent hand help. i don't care for electric. i miss an old wall mounted that i had. don't know whatever happened to that. it kicked butt.

i have a toaster but i don't have a microwave. but then again, i don't have cable tv or a cell phone either.

and you need to eat some vegetables :-)


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Maryanne... I also don't do the cable thing. Pretty good since I'm 23, huh? I do have Netflix, so as long as I get my Lucy I am happy :o) I do have a microwave, but it also has a breadmaker attachment and is a toaster oven too. It's stainless steel and talks, so when the cat bores me I can converse with the appliance! :o) For the record, I can eat peas, corn, carrots, and cucumbers but that is it. There are more I don't like than do, but thanks for the advice!

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maryanne & vacuumfreak, I'm also cableless/cell phone free. I don't miss them. That makes three of us.

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Well, I do have a cell phone. I do not have a home phone, but when you are a student with a car that is almost as old as you are (I was born in 83, my car in 84) you need a cell phone and AAA membership. I have both! We should start a cable free club! I'm not morally opposed to cable, I just think that the company that monopolizes our area charging 50 a month for JUST basic is TERRIBLE and certainly not something I'm going to support.

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I do have that small handheld can opener and missed my electric one so I purchased one after several years of being without one. I really don't use it often and have put it in an upper cabinet and pull it down for the few times I do use it.

I've been wondering how good the new Made for TV can opener is. I've seen it at the various stores for $19.95 but have been hesitant to buy it. I like the fact that it can stay in the drawer.

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Yes... the "One touch"... I've been intrigued as well!

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I only have a couple quality hand can openers. And I use them a good deal.

I have a gas stove, and if I lose the utility gas supply during a disaster, I also have a propane campstove that will run off of either the small propane canisters, or a 20 lb barbecue tank.

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I was looking at the OXO hand held on amazon and the reviewers raised a good point. How do you clean the electric can opener blades? dmlove, thanks for the tip, looks like a good product.

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bean counter, the blade contraption on my electric can opener comes off for cleaning (just slides right off), even in the dishwasher.

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vacuumfreak - I don't own an electric can opener. I just don't think I ever get it clean. At least with my OXO handheld, I know I can get in all the little crevaces.

Momj - Can I please tell you a quick story? I read that this is the truth. The inventor of the Oxo brand (I forget his name) actually started with the handheld potato peeler. He noticed how his wife had a hard time peeling potatoes with the old peelers (she had really bad arthritis). So he invented it. The brand went over so well, that he added every conceivable kitchen gadget to his line. So Oxo was really made for folks with arthritis!

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VF, I have an electric can opener. It's a cabinet undermount that I got as a housewarming gift in 1986 and it's still in the box. I have a hand one I love that opens the can on the seam and you can use the can top right back on the can.

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My last electric can opener was mounted on the bottom of the cabinet and was an absolute pain to use. Previous to that I had one that sat on the counter that was ok. Now I just have a hand held, OXO or similar. I understand the arthritis thing, (not my hands though). Try OXO, it works pretty easy.

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Just bought the OXO Good Grips can opener. Took a couple minutes of stupidly trying to figure out how it worked. VERY different from conventional can openers. I like it. Almost no effort involved in turning the handle. Very clean, replacable tops.

In reading opinions on some suggested the blade wears out in a few years and the item must be replaced. For $20 no one should expect a lifetime product.

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Actually I do but I never use it. I much prefer the one in the drawer. However, my husband still uses the electric one taking up space on the counter.

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I have severe arthritis and I used to use that can opener that rides around the can, still do sometimes but usually I use my Kitchenaide hand crank model it is so easy to use. Now this is the stand alone version not one sold in sets even though they look they same they are not. I actually have a lot more trouble with the pop top cans I cannot open them without a special tool designed for those like me with arthritis looks like a big J

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"Yes... the "One touch"... I've been intrigued as well!"

Saw and bought a one touch during holiday shopping last year, hoping to get rid of the space wasting electric unit. It seemed cool and cute at first, but amazingly slow.
But recently it stopped working on cans. Not that it did not work, I could trigger it to run by hand, but could not get it to run on the can anymore. Got so annoyed with it that I tossed it in the trash in frustration last week. Good thing I still had the electric unit in the garage.
So today I went into Sur Le Table and bought the Rosle. It seems very similar in the way it works to the OXO, but seemed more compact to fit in the Drawer. Now I just need to find a can to open since I have yet to use it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Rosle opener

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I used the OXO and think it is a great handheld opener, but my arthritis got so bad I bought a cuisinart electric opener. It is very heavy so it doesn't move around. I am fortunate to have an appliance garage with an outlet in it, so it stays hidden along with my electric jar opener, which I couldn't do without.

For all you arthritis sufferers out there, the jar opener is great. Also, if you want relief, I had a cortizone shot in my thumb joint 2 1/2 months ago and am pain free at this moment. My Orthopedic Surgeon tells me I can have 3 a year. Hallalujah! What a relief.

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brucedelta, thank you for your One Touch review. I guess it's one of those "too good to be true" items.

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I have an electric that stays in a drawer because I like to use our handheld Swing A Way. It works great and is easy to use.

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