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housecrazy1970February 12, 2008

New to this forum (been hanging out at home forum during build)

Just about finished with building new home. my DF and I dont do a ton of cooking yet but want to start. We put in a gourmet kitchen and want to learn to use it. We need a good quality cookware set up. We have a 48" thermadore all gas range.

Part 1

We want a good quality set of pots and pans. what is the best all around choice that meets the following criteria:

* good mix of sizes and types ie skilet, frypan, big chili pot ect.

* easy to clean

* scratch resistant

* low maintanence

* even heat distribution

* good looks (OK were shallow LOL)

* price $500.00 - $600.00 for a startup set

part 2

Next is a good quality knife set

* holds an edge well

* I like the textured metal handles but not a deal breaker if it doesnt have this

* reasonably easy to sharpen

* solid feel, I like knifes that feels like its actually got some weight to it

* $400 - $600 for a set, doesnt have to have steak knifes though that would be nice

part 3

Ok I know its long post

recomendations for a source to purchase these items (online if possible)that has a good reputation and great prices

Thanks guys, were looking to really get the most out of this kitchen and have very little experiance so we realy apreciate the help!

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First of all....don't buy a set...unless you are looking to get some pots and pans cheaply.
I like 2 or maybe 3 good quality aluminum fry pans with a non stick interior for eggs, crepes, sauting a few mushrooms etc. They are easy to clean but certainly not scratch resistant and you will have to replace them about every 5 or 6 years depending on use and how careful you are.
You will need a pretty good, clad bottom 10 to 12 qt stock pot for pasta, soups, boiling corn etc. There are many brands....should cost about $60 to $80.
An enamel cast iron Dutch oven...or 2, 6 to 8 qts is good for a start. Brands are Le Cruset, Lodge and a few others..
You will also need a 1 1/2 and a 2 1/2 qt covered stainless sauce pan...Whatever looks good to you is fine.
Then you can think about the Le Cruset oval bakers and individual casseroles....which really look good! And then you will need a roasting pan, cookie sheets, a wok...oh and so much more!!
As for will need to go to a kitchen store and see for your self....because everyone's hand is different. I love the forged higher end Chicago cutlery...and a Hinkles feels you need to pick out your knives by feel.
Have should be able to get what I mentioned for about $600 to $700...if you shop well, maybe less.
Linda C

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thanks linda. I thought about starting with a better set so i would have a base to start with, than maybe adding specialty pieces a sneeded. can you recomend a good web site to purchase from?

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It's unlikely you would find a "set" with the best for your use. You want a non stick skillet...but you don't want a non stick dutch want a clad stainless stock pot, but not a skillet.
Buy individual pieces.
There is lots available at Amazon and Cooking...both sites with the .com suffix.
Linda C

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I noticed that the CIA Master series cookware has gone on sale. Several vendors have the 10 piece set for $499. and the 7 piece set for 399. Someone on this forum just bought a piece and is really happy (see: Comparison: All Clad to J.C. Penny's Cooks). Google CIA Master series cookware to find all the sellers.

Here is a link that might be useful: one of many vendors for CIA cookware

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