Waterless cookware or hard anodized nonstick?

n2cookinFebruary 3, 2008

It's time for new cookware. My mom bought me a set of Permanent Steel waterless cookware at an auction 20 yrs ago and it's still in her attic. She had the same set when I was growing up and I remember countless days standing over the sink scrubbing those pots til my fingers bled! No way did I want a set of my own. So I told her to store them away. Now I'm shopping for a new set and after reading a lot about teflon nonstick issues, I'm starting to think maybe I should go get that set at mom's.

Here is my question........doesn't everything stick to stainless? Am I going to have to buy stock in the Chore Boy and SOS pad companies? I know that set is probably good quality, but I'm afraid of entering into that world of scraping and soaking again. Everyone on this forum seems to love stainless, but how are you dealing with the "scrubbing" issues? Are you scrubbing until your fingers bleed? Are we just using it the wrong way and that's why everything sticks?

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If you don't burn things on, you don't need to enter the scrubbing realm.
Use non-stick for sauteeing, eggs, mushrooms, onions etc....and use the other stuff for cooking other things.
Linda C

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Try not to get 'just stainless' but get something that is thicker and lined with stainless. Like what's called 'clad' or tri-ply. The aluminum around the stainless distributes the heat better, and you'll have less 'hot' spots . This will help to prevent burning. Also try "barkeepers friend", as a cleanser.

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