I'm like a kid in a candy store!

netlaJuly 31, 2006

I got THREE packages from the USA today, two with books and my swap package from Tracey, full of mysterious packages wrapped in candy-coloured paper. Getting ready to open them, will post back when I have.

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Whoo Hoo!!! I can't wait to see what you got from Tracey!

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I got a large box in the mail. It arrived at the same time as another, much smaller package shipped on June 2nd. What a difference air mail makes... thanks for shipping by air, Tracey!

The rest of the pictures are thumbnails. Just click to see the big picture (sorry, couldn't resist that)..

There were, as expected, five themes:

Seasoning: Seasoned citrus-rosemary grill skewers and 5 sachets of Penzeys spice mixes (Chip & Dip, Southwest, Barbecue, Northwoods, Chesapeake Bay). Look forward to trying all of them.

Serving: A set of four small serving bowls, perfect for dips, candy or veggie snacks. (Tracey, do you read minds? I have been wanting bowls like these since I saw them when I was shopping for Christmas presents).

Sauces: Lemon Garlic Finishing sauce, Pickapeppa Sauce, Sour Cherry Preserves.

Sweet snacks: Almond Crush Pockys (which are excellent) and Chocolate Biscotti.

Stuff I like (I like it too): a silicone basting brush, a silicone spoon, a vegetable peeler...

...and some lovely scented goat's milk soap.

Thanks so much, Tracey!

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Wow, some great stuff there, Tracey! You found some wonderful things to ship to Iceland. I am really intrigued by the seasoned skewers.

Netla, lucky you that she shipped air, you're right! June 2nd, wow!

Your description was lovely - I'm sure you'll have fun with all your goodies. I love the dishes too!


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I love those bowls. Interesting how everyone gets around the "5 item rule." Very creative!

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What a neat package..un peu de tout:)

I particularly like the serving dishes:)

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Those skewers really intrigue me too, I'm going to have to look for some, and the little dishes are very cute indeed.

My kids love the chocolate and strawberry Pocky, I'll have to look for the Almond Crush kind.


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Hooray it arrived and nothing was broken!! I'm breathing a sigh of relief. I can't imagine waiting 2 months for something to arrive. It would have driven me crazy. I'm so glad you like everything. I always get nervous with these swaps.

Annie is the one who got us hooked on Pocky(Bad, Bad Annie). We usually get the chocolate or strawberry too. I just happened to spot this new kind at Wegmans. I got some for Netla but forgot to pick up some for me. Oh well next trip. I'm kicking myself for not getting the skewers and bowls for myself too.

LOL Tobyt everyone knows I'm lousy at math and can't follow rules.

Enjoy your package Netla! I had a great time shopping for you!


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I love the bowls. Just love them. Lots of things here I have never tried. I am adding them to my list of products to look out for! Great job, Tracy. Enjoy, Netla!

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Wonderful stuff! The bowls are great, and the tools are good looking and useful! The sweet snacks are nice, but most importantly ... now you have Pickapeppa!

Great package; enjoy!

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What a neat package! Looks like you have all kinds of new seasonings and spices to try, Netla. Great job, Tracey. Love the bowls!


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I adore the bowls! And I never heard of pocky's. What the heck are they? I think that looks like a wonderful swap package, and I am so happy that we can add somebody so far away and have their package arrive in a timely fashion. That really opens things up here! Congratulations Netla. I hope those are a lot of new products for you to try! Tracey, you did a lovely job!

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That's a really nice and useful package Netla! I've never seen that type of Pocky either, I'll have to look for it. I have the same basting brush and peeler so I know you'll love them!
Good job Tracey!

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Great package from Tracey. You will love that silicone basting brush. The spices sound wonderful, also I am curious about the "flavored" skewers, hope you will comment on them once you have tried them. Love the little condiment bowls. Enjoy, Netla!

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OH I love those bowls! You got a great box of goodies, enjoy!!

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A lovely package that made a long trip. Those little bowls are adorable and add me to the list that doesn't know what Pocky is. Explanation please.

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Netla, I know you will enjoy all your special goodies.

Tracey you did a superb job of putting together a great package!!!! I see some of my favorites there.


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Netla, I love that package! Great that it arrived quickly too.
Tracey, Great job!

I don't know what a Pocky is either.


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Those little serving bowls are great - I use small bowls all the time for various purposes, and so I know those will be very useful, as well as beautiful. Everything looks quite delightful and lovely - you put together a fantastic box, and it's quite generous of you to ship via air!


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Nancy, come back here....you have a recipe somewhere for that Pickapeppa sauce. I know you do because I went NUTS trying to google and search for 'PickapeppER' sauce! As punishment you must reprint it here bwahahhaa.

Great package Tracey, can you read my mind?

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Pockys are little Japanese cookie sticks that have been dipped in chocolate, or strawberry or it seems chocolate and almonds. The chocolate ones are quite good and perfect for diets! Just a little sweet nibble that keeps you honest. (Unless you eat the whole package at once.)

I used to only see them at Ranch 99 but have seen them at other places lately.

Great choices Tracey.

And thank you Netla for turning me on to the Reader's forum. I've been here for 3 years, 4 if you count my time at kitchens AND NEVER KNEW! I've explored lots of the flower forums and grandparents, computers etc looking for info but had no idea there was one for readers. I went to your page to see what you had written and you mentioned it as your favorite forum. Had a great time there tonight. Just what I need, more computer time!

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Oh, I adore those bowls! Tracey, that is a great category..."things I like". I might have to steal that idea for another swap! LOL

Netla, enjoy your US goodies! Tracey, great box!

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The bowls are too cute! And I love the looks of that Basting Brush!

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Oh wow-- those bowls are so cute -- certainly summer there Netla . Lots to enjoy -- 'specially those seasoning mixes .

Nice , nice selection Tracey .

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I'd be like a kid in a candy store too. What a wonderful swap box Tracey put together for you. And how nice that it arrived so quickly too. Love the long silcone brush. Enjoy Netla.


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Here's the recipe calling for Pickapeppa Sauce... Thanks for the reminder Jessy...don't know why I didn't think of it before...must be the heat here has fried my brain...

Backwoods Flank Steak

We love flank steak and have used it many ways. Here's the recipe we marinated it in when we had the deli. It was a huge seller. In the summer we did 25 lbs worth at a time. Never had any left to pitch.
We grilled it over lump charcoal and while it was cooking we would bring the marinade to a boil and cook it for about 15 min. We then sliced the steaks and poured the hot marinade over them.

Backwoods Flank Steak

3/4 C soy sauce
1/3 C Pickapeppa Sauce
1/3 C worcestershire sauce
1/4 C red wine
1/4 C red wine vinegar
1 1/2 Tabsp sesame oil
2 cloves of garlic, crushed

2 flank steaks (about 2 1/2 lbs total)

Combine the marinade ingredients in a container large enough to hold the steaks. Add the steakes and refrigerate 6 to 24 hrs...


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hey Netla - not to hijack, but do you know of Magni? He is a singer from Iceland who is doing a phenomenal job on RockStar: Supernova here.

Just wondered - I think they said he is quite well known in Iceland.

Stacy :-)

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Wow, great package! Love the bowls! Too cute! Everything looks great! What fun!

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Stacy, yeah, I know about Magni. He is the lead singer in a very popular pop/rock group. The DJ on the early morning radio show I listen to while I have breakfast is obsessed with him.

The show is shown here live on TV, but as I haven't got a TV set I only saw the first episode at a party at a friend's house (it's on just after midnight here). All my attempts to watch online have failed, but I am determined to watch if he maked it to the final three.

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Great swap box you have there netla! I too am a fan of those bowls, very cool. You will love that silicone baster, very easy clean up! Great package Tracey!


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Wow!! What a super group of goodies!! The spice mixes are really wonderful. The serving bowls are just adorable. The sauces are great. I love Pickapeppa! The rest of the items are great, too. Lucky you! Enjoy!!

Tracey...what a great package!

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Nice box! The bowls are soooo cute. And I love Pocky. Have a great time with it all, Netla. Great job, Tracey!

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I'm not sure what to say, but what incredible loot :) I'm becoming obsessed with plates, serving dishes, etc. thanks to this bunch LOL. Enjoy!

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Another super duper package (sorry, I have been keeping little DGS the last few days and he loves Barney.)

Those bowls are so cute and you will love that basting brush. I have one and they are so much better than the old ones that are like paint brushes.

Tracey, what a very nice package!

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I have now tried the lemon-garlic finishing sauce and the Northwoods spice blend (plus the sweets are all gone). I used the sauce in a stir-fry, only adding a little splash of soy sauce. Very good.
The Northwoods spice blend is mild and very good - I used it on chicken. It's mild and not much risk of overspicing. It tastes quite similar to my mother's favourite chicken spice blend that was discontinued several years ago.

I am now thawing out some pork chops that I intend to test the seasoned grill skewers on.

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