Non stick frypan- lots its 'stick'

popi_gwFebruary 15, 2006


I have been battling away with my good quality, non-stick frypan, for quite a while. It seems to have a coating on it, which stops it from being non-stick. I think it could be a build up of olive oil, that I occasionally use in the pan.

Despite that fact that I wash it, the coating doesnt come off.

Any ideas on how I can restore this pan to its former non-sticky self?

Many thanks from the land down under.

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Is this a well-known manufacturer that you can look up their toll-free customer hotline online and then call and ask them? What dish soap do you clean it with, I like Dawn because it cuts through grease just like they advertise. Do you soak the pan in hot water and detergent? I wonder if a cut lemon would help remove the residue.

Now I'm curious, what brand is this pan, how old is it and what non-stick material does it have?

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Do you use a spray like Pam? If so, that's what this is.

I would use flyingflower's advice and call the manufacturer. Non-stick coatings are not really that tough so I would want to check before trying anything harsh on them.

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I had a 12" Calphalon Non-stick fry pan that had also lost it's non-stick property.

The actual coating on the pan had not flaked or scratched, it just had built up a layer of "something" that would make everything stick to it.

I tried all sorts of things to get the surface restored to it's former glory... no luck.

The only thing I could figure out, is that I had been using PAM for many years before I learned that it was NO GOOD for Non-stick pans. It builds up a layer on the surface and you can't get it off.

This was before Calphalon started adding warnings about using Pam. If anything, I now use a little Olive oil, veg.oil or butter. No more problems.

Stay away from Pam !

I sent my fry pan back to Calphalon, and they sent me a brand new one... no questions and no hassles.


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Well whadayaknow. You learn something new every day. I had no idea Pam was bad for non-stick. Is this due to the pan being placed over a flame? I never use Pam when I'm frying but I do use it every time I bake in my non-stick bakeware pans. Will oven baking cause the same problem?

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I can't say for sure about using Pam for "baking", but I will say that the reglar baking tins I use have a sticky coating on them that is impossible to get off. YUP! I had used Pam on them. I don't anymore, I use Crisco shortening or butter.

Chekc out the Calphalon web site and see for yourself, they recommend that you do NOT use Pam ( cooking sprays).


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It is not that Pam is bad for non-stick, it just leaves a residue and over time, makes the pan "yucky" (that's a technical term). It will do the same for stainless steel. In general, you should avoid it but I still use it for some applications.

I am trying a new spray that says it does not contain "silicon." I am not sure if that is what causes the residue from Pam but so far, so good. I have not used it much though.

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What is this non-silicon product that you bought and where did you buy it? Otherwise it's back to the drudgery of greasing a pan by hand again. How spiled have I become where I can't take a few extra seconds to butter a pan the old fashioned way?!

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Thanks for all the replies.

Dont think we have Pam in Australia, so I havent been using that, just olive oil on my pan. I really think the "gunk" is a build up of olive oil.

Flyingflower - great idea to phone manufacturer, I am going to have a look at my pan, after I have finished this, and do some investigating.

I just wash the pan with hot water, and normal old dishwashing liquid. I will give a cut lemon a try.

I will report back if I come up with anything interesting.

I might ask a lady here, who knows how to remove every stain on anything in a house. She has written a book about it. In fact I have seen her book in the bookshop, I might go and just look it up in the shop !

Thanks for all the suggestions, nice to hear other people have such a problem with their frypan.

Bye for now.

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My frypan is a Circulon, they have a website, so will persue my query with them.


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Maybe that Dawn Power Dissolver that everyone raves about??

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I saw the silicon-free oil spray at Safeway (but not Albertsons). I've forgotten the name of it but you can't miss it because the packaging is very different than the other sprays (it's sold along side of them). I didn't buy it because I was shell-shocked by the price (almost $5) but now that I've had time to think about it I think it's worth it. I will keep my eye on it a little bit longer hoping it goes on sale.

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Doesn't Mazolla (sp?) make a new spray that is suppose to be better than Pam? Non aresol I believe.

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