Got a new NXR 30"

ohoenOctober 1, 2012

Just thought I'd post my experience so far. I got the propane version from aj Madison. Delivery was problem free.

I noticed that the oven door was a little bit misaligned. The top right corner is a little proud of the frame (protrudes away from the stove) and the top left is a little shy. It isn't really bad enough to bother me but when I close it there'sa clack on the top left from enamel contacting enamel. I worry that this will crack the enamel over time.

I called the service line and was told to email with a copy of proof of purchase. I did that last thursday. Still waiting to hear back but not in a big rush about this.

The oven/broiler works well. One of the burners pops a bit. I guess the flow probably needs some adjustment. Otherwise we're very happy. We switched from a radiant electric range so that's what we're comparing to. We had looked at a bluestar. Definifely better fit and finish but we couldn't justify the added expense.

Oh yeah, the area just below the oven door in the center gets too hot to touch, for more than an instant that is, when it's been on for a while. Not a problem for us, just reporting. The glass gets hot but I can hold my hand on it.

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It sounds as though one hinge may not be fully clicked into place.

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Can you explain what you mean by that? I have no problem trying to adjust it myself, assuming it is adjustable, but I don't want any trouble with the warranty people. Thanks.

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I just ordered one too. Also from AJ Madison, I hope I'll also be happy. :)

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The door comes right off, there is a little catch that you pull back and then pull out. When you slide the door on just make sure it lines up with the track and slide it in. You should be able to tell if one is not fully engaged. Just look at both hinges and if one looks a bit askew that is the one not fully in place. Should be able to just push it in.

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To expand a little on what Nunya said, there is a slot in the bottom of each hinge and that has to be lined up "just so" with the framing. (For those not familiar with NXRs, the hinges are in the door and slot into the face of the stove frame as opposed to the more typical set-up where the hinges are mounted to the frame and the door slots over them.) What I found that I had to do to get my oven to seat properly was pretty awkward. I held the top of the oven with a hand just below each corner while pushing on the bottom with my knees. It took a bit of jiggling to find "just so" but it worked. If the repair person can't figure this out, have them call the Duro/NXR help line which is in the back of the manual.

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Thanks guys, I'll have a look. Nothing yet from ADCO...

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