Range Craft skillet sold by Sears

foreveralwaysJanuary 17, 2009

I bought a small heavy duty skillet recently at a yard sale. The bottom of the skillet reads 391-5070 Range Craft Made in Korea Sold by Sears Roebuck & Co. Chicago, Illinois 606read 84. I have been trying to research this cookware but the only reference I find is from another member of this forum who posted a similar thread 2 years ago. Can anyone shed some light on the origin/value of this cookware?

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I'm sorry I have no direct information but I am sure it's not a lot of value. It's likely some of that Korean stainless that sears bought a batch of.

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If its the one I have, purchased over 20 years ago at Sears by Range Craft... you have the find of the century! These pots were designed with stay cool handles and heat dispersal like a cast iron skillet! You get it up to heat, then turn it way low to conserve heat. Wonderful set that I simply can't find more of!!
the value back then was comparable to other fine cookware... can't remember though

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I just noticed these trying to locate replacement handles for my set. The model number of the set is: 391.5070 and I to purchased my complete set over 20 years ago. The cookware is "wonderful" but I'm having difficulties getting new handles for them. I'm hoping to maybe find someone that could even make them, as the cookware is still looking new. It was the best $99.00 I'd spent back then for a 9 piece set. Today, from what I've seen in Bed Bath and Beyond stores, about $299.00

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I bought the set so did my mom 20yrs and something ago. 391-5070. we have all the pieces.Its a beautiful set.All handles are attached. home phone 205 923-3679 or 205 965-6140.

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I bought my set in 1986 from Sears. The set looks great but the handles and knobs are beginning to show wear. Want them to stay looking new with new handles. So, do you buy handles that are as much as the pots were in 1986.

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