Type of frying pan needed when lighting alcohol

marie26January 25, 2005

Can I use a teflon-type frying pan when I am cooking a recipe with veal that calls for lighting the alcohol with a match? If teflon is not receommended, what type of frying pan do you recommend?

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Teflon is fine....or any shallow pan is fine.....
Linda C

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You probably already know this, but when you're flambeeing something the easiest way to get it to catch is to heat up the sauce, take out a little of the sauce in a metal spoon, heat THAT up and flame the spoon's contents, then return the flaming spoonful to the pan to ignite the rest of the sauce.

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Thank you for your responses. It's been a long time since I've flambeed anything so I appreciate the advice given on how to flambee.

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