Rectangle cake keeper/carrier???

kcfilleyJanuary 8, 2007


Does any one have a favorite rectangle or sheet cake carrier/keeper?

I purchased the Nordic rectangle cake carrier over the holidays, $25 locally, used it once and the base broke in the middle. It also didn't seem at all air tight so the cake tended to dry a bit more quickly. This keeper is not good for transporting a cake either.

I've been looking at the Tupperware carrier but it's about $55 and that seems pricey.

Thanks for your suggestions.


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I have a lot of these Lock and Lock containers. I really like them. They seal well and are very sturdy. I haven't tried this particular one, but I can recommend the product, in general.

I have found some of the containers at WalMart, but other's I've had to order online or through eBay.

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Thanks Mom! I ordered one today.


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