Cuisipro stainless canisters, canister sizes

kltaylorJanuary 4, 2005


I think I'm getting Cuisipro canisters, but not sure which sizes. I need to store sugar (5 lb), brown sugar (1 lb), confectioners sugar (1 lb), flour (5 lb), angel hair pasta, and possibly potatoes. (Is it OK to store potatoes in an airtight canister with a glass lid? I don't have room for potatoes in lower cabinets, and the uppers are hard to reach and hot.)

They come in these sizes:

1.5 quart, 32 oz, 5" tall

2 quart, 51 oz, 6" tall

3 quart, 82 oz, 7" tall

4 quart, 122 oz, 7.25" tall

I'm thinking two 4 quarts (pasta, potatoes), two 2 quarts (sugar, flour), and two 1.5 quarts (brown sugar, confectioners). Does that sound right? Thanks!

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Should I get a separate canister for onions, or can I put them in the potato canister?

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Onions and potatoes need to be stored far away from each other. One of them releases a chemical that rots the other -- can't remember which :)

I don't believe air tight storage is recommended for either potatoes or onions -- why do you need to store them in canisters.

I don't have much storage so I just don't buy potatoes and onions in quantity.

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Well, my cabinets are all crammed. I'm thinking of building a pantry into a foyer closet, but in the meantime, I'm hoping to use counter canisters for food storage. You're right about potato storage, though--a paper bag with holes in it is apparently best.

So I guess I'll just get canisters for sugar and flour.

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I don't know what your exact situation is but I have a small galley kitchen with minimal storage. Besides de-cluttering, I store stuff out of the kitchen if it makes sense -- Why wait to convert a closet to a pantry when you can use it for multiple purposes -- get some temporary storage that fits and put some stuff there --

I have a guest bathroom with a lot of drawers which I use for canned goods, baking supplies I use infrequently. I have a very large closet with shelves which I use for a lot of stuff including appliances I don't use often such as my large Cuisinart and my Crockpot. I have flattish baking ware which I use infrequently stored in a plastic chest that slides under my bed.

All of these enabled me to free up space in my kitchen for stuff that I use every day.

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