Single Electric Wall Oven: WHY is it so hard to find a good one?

lovelylinguistOctober 8, 2012

Hi everyone! We are finally WELL underway with our remodel (kitchen plus). I've been reading all of the VERY informative posts regarding ranges and ovens here. We need a single, 30" electric wall oven. But it seems the same issues come up, both here and on other sites (dealer sites, Amazon, etc.):

-Elux - you can't use the self-clean feature because it either trips a breaker or fries the board by the 3rd cleaning

-Bosch - you can't use the self-clean b/c it fries the board

-Viking - unreliable, weird temp range

-KA - crap

-GE Profile - never again or I love it!

-Kenmore - not much info

What is a girl to do? I love to bake, and I am gluten-free and my son has nut/peanut allergies, so I do a lot of baking. We only eat out once every three months... I cook all of the time. I JUST WANT A RELIABLE OVEN. But I can't find consistent info.

We need to decide in the next week or two. I am at a loss. (BTW, we are going with the GE Profile 30" induction cooktop. We have an existing Kenmore Elite fridge; will most likely do a Kenmore Elite OTR micro and a Bosch dishwasher. As you can tell, I'm fine with brand mixing.)

I have been so amazed at the breadth and depth of knowledge and experience on this board. I'm hoping a few of you can pipe up and help me.

Thank you so very much in advance!

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I can't speak from personal experience but Wolf ovens get very good reviews on this forum, but it's probably more expensive than the ones on your list. Or get Electrolux which also gets good reviews and avoid the self-clean function if you're concerned about it.

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Electrolux probably best of those you mentioned. I hardly every need or use the self-clean function, but it's survived two so far. And they're quiet, cook well, are well lit inside, and have at least one glide-out rack for easy access. reasonably priced too.

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Now that Home Depot and Lowes carry Electrolux manufacture price controls are in the rear view mirror.

My guess, as the years roll buy the differences between Electrolux and Frigidaire will begin to merge.

Get the Elux while the going is good.

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I've used my Elux self-clean feature three times in the past year, and it works fine. I think they had a problem a couple of years ago, but it was addressed.

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The 2009 Elux ovens had electronic board problems that they addressed and I haven't seen the same type of complaints since. Also good, IMO, Wolf, Fisher & Paykel/DCS.

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I like my bertazzoni wall oven, but it's not self clean, and it's a little smaller than most. But it cooks very well and evenly. No complaints.

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Love my DCS convection wall oven. Have not used self clean,but love the way it cooks. It cleans easy without self cleaning

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I suppose if I had not begun reading reviews, I would not be in this same boat with you whereby I am finding this to be a pain-in-the-butt task due to the many bad reviews on nearly every brand. I am out to replace a ten year old 30" Bosch whereby I have put approximately $1000 into repairs over the years. A couple times it has been to replace "plastic" fingers/gears located behind the knobs. I have learned while researching that Bosch, Gaggeneau, and Thermador are all manufactured by the same company; so, I will not be considering any of these due to my experience and the many poor reviews I have read. Although, I must say our Bosch dishwasher has been great; it cleans well, is very quiet, hot, and has yet to require a repair after 10 years.

After exhausting myself in an attempt to find reliable products, I am inclined to pull the trigger real soon on the American Range 30" electric oven with French doors (AROFE-30). I have not found a whole lot of info on A.R. which is surprising considering they have been around forever on the commercial end. The only negative thing I have read were a few comments about the doors being hot; however, I have read that about many brands & I have come to the conclusion none of the residential electric ones are hot enough to be concerned about. Plus, I am beginning to believe since there are few negatives posted for A.R. out there, this is probably a good sign because most folks don't seek out forums to write positive comments; it is usually to complain.

My second product of choice is the Wolf (SO302US). Both the A.R. and the Wolf are between $3000 - $3359. I did like the Viking as well, but (to my surprise) I have simply read way too many negative comments about them.
So, any comments from users of either the Wolf or American Range electric ovens would be greatly appreciated.

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Oh, Doberman Fan, I am so jealous! As the self-proclaimed apostle of the ergonomically superior french door oven, the AR 30" electric double wall oven with french doors was the one I chose. Until I found out that it was going to cost over $6500. I ended up with the Elux 30" double with regular doors for less than $3000 (there was a rebate), and I do like it a lot. But I still write to appliance companies encouraging them to consider returning to french doors.

The AR is not self-cleaning, as I remember, so that may account for fewer problems. I admit, I do like the self-cleaning oven. I'd never had one before. But using Easy Off Fume Free is a small price to pay to have french doors!

Congratulations on your excellent choice!

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Thanks for the info, everyone! We're now at the point where the cabinetmaker is saying, "We're stalled until you give us brand, model and specs on your appliances." BUT WE STILL DON'T KNOW WHAT TO GET. I was leaning toward Elux, and still am. But I also want a speed oven to put over it. The Elux look is so specific, I'm not sure that a speed oven by GE Profile (which I was considering) would look good. I would get the Elux speed oven, but I haven't heard a lot of ringing endorsements; the Miele is out of our price range. Any opinions? All welcome!

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"Ringing Endorsement" for Elux Speed Oven!

Had ours 6 years, our most used appliance.
Trouble free except for a screw that came loose on the handle, maybe 3 years ago or so, No problems since.

See "The Great Potato RAce" on UTube to see the Speed oven "IN Action".


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Want the 24inch bertazoni oven, but it doesn't self-clean. Nor does the Miele 24inch. I really want self clean, but 24inch is necessary in my cabinetry. can anyone help?

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timbrel: the thing about my bert wall oven is it really isn't a huge deal to clean it if you use the proper stuff. I've also read something that says you can put some tinfoil down on the bottom area as the elements are sealed in the case.

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Hi jgopp, thanks for your info. I didn't get any sleep last night learning about more ways to clean ovens than I knew existed. I loved the self-clean on my Thermador Double Ovens (the feature is broken and these ovens are aren't made anymore). Can you tell me what you do with your Bertazzoni that isnt" a huge deal"
I looked at a 24in KA and I'm reluctant to get a lesser model for more money just because of the self-cleaning.
thanks much

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Well I've started just putting a tin foil sheet over the bottom area if I know something is gonna cause a spill. Then once doing cooking just take it out and throw it away. When I want to clean the entire oven, I use easy off for ovens usually. Honestly it doesn't bother me anymore. I used to have self cleaning ovens, but I find a few minutes of cleaning every week or two if needed is not a big deal. I don't even notice anymore. The big oven however on the range, it a bit trickier to clean than the 24inch one on the wall.

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Be careful about putting tin foil right on the bottom of the oven. My Elux oven manual forbids this. I do put foil or a cookie sheet with foil on the rack below something drippy. Check your manual to see if it mentions whether you can put foil right on the bottom.

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Do not put foil on the bottom of modern ovens. People here have ruined brand new Wolf ovens by putting foil on the bottom. That much I know!

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hmm, that's odd I've never had a problem. The heating element is inside the case and it hasn't seemed to be a problem at all.

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I am in the same boat of trying to find a reliable electric convection oven. The reviews are horrible. They cook well, but "fry" themselves when you use the self clean option. I suppose I could just never use the self clean, but what about the next owner? Do I tell them there is a real possibility of destroying their oven if they use a feature on it?! Unbelievable !! I heard that with the third element in the bottom of the oven for the convection, putting down foil or one of those silicone liners was a no no. So should I consider the Electrolux ? Others have said that their blue oven lining (KitchenAid owners) turns ashy gray after a clean cycle. Has anyone had that happen in their Electrolux? How is the company in handling consumer problems/complaints?

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Susanlave - After three self-cleanings, my Elux is still the same blue. The company seems to be generally responsive.

Remember that most of the comments you read will be complaints, because angry people are the ones who take the time to write. Elux seems to have relatively few. Most Elux users on GW are happy. The only thing that would make me like my oven better is if it had french doors. And maybe if it could have been vented outside. Oh, and if you didn't have to take out the rack supports before self-cleaning, but that's not a big deal. They just lift out.

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Susanlave-I broil several times a week and use the self-clean several times a year. BUT I had heard of the self-clean problem with ovens in general and mine in particular (Fisher & Paykel) so I rean the self-clean early on and assumed I would need a part replaced. Yup. I ran the self clean on the top oven and it stopped working. I got it fixed under warranty and I have had no problems since. The bottom oven has never stopped working perfectly, but I don't use it as often. The top oven needed another repair after 6 years. I continued to use the bottom oven while waiting for diagnosis/parts for the top oven.

I would run the self-clean on your oven while it is still under warranty.

Good luck!

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it makes you wonder if the problem exists in a part that many manufacturers are using in common.

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Doberman_Fan - note that Gaggenau, although owned by Bosch, is a completely different product and the engineering, manufacturing of their appliances are completely independent from the parent company. There is no comparison between a Bosch, Thermador product and a Gaggenau. I have a 30" double convection oven from Gaggenau and it performs superbly, and never an issue with the self cleaning process in either oven.
Wolf has good performing ovens as well. Electrolux should certainly be considered, and I believe the self-cleaning issues have been addressed and corrected.

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Mrs. Porchman

Although it seems a tangent, bear with me: I recently purchased a stick blender for my mother's birthday, the one I gave her years ago having bitten the proverbial dust. I started research on Amazon, only to find similar sorts of problems with this small appliance as those outlined in the original post here, i.e. so many brands either got glowing reviews or horror stories for the very same product. Quality seemed to be a roll of the dice, no matter how much you paid. I finally chose a popular brand, knowing that the blender could suddenly tank, but also knowing that reviewers said the customer service was outstanding.

So, if we're left with mediocrity from the more accessible electric wall oven brands (like Bosh or Electrolux vs the costy Wolf), which have been most responsive when people have had a problem? Kitchenaid seems to have failed roundly in this respect over the past few years, so even if they've solved their problems, they aren't the brand for me. Comments from the trenches?

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The 30" Bluestar electric wall oven fits a full size baking sheet and has a removable stone in the bottom. I have seen it in the BS showroom but my house is still under construction so I have not used the oven yet. Anxiously awaiting though. I do like that it does fit the full size sheet pan though.

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I have the Electrolux Icon wall oven (pro style) and LOVE it. The gliding racks are better than any others we tried. However, after reading a lot on here, we were also concerned about using the self-clean feature. We called and talked to Eluctrolux technical support group. They said baloney, use it, and we have and have had no problems. In our new layout, we want a speed oven as well. We're planning to place a GE Monogram Pro style Advantium above the Icon wall oven. They look fine together, in my opinion. We actually had tried to order the Elux speed oven to match the wall oven BUT Electrolux has discontinued their speed oven. I don't know if they are planning a new model, but I we called around a couple months ago and not a dealer on either coast could get one. The GE Advantium has much larger interior (have you noticed that they rarely post photos of the insides?) The GE turntable is 16" and I think the Elux was 13".

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Gary Johnson

I checked the net and at least according to their respective web-sites, these appliances dealers still have the Electrolux Speed oven for sale.

If these do not work out just goggle Electrolux speed oven.

Of Course, check out these places via yelp or yellow pages BEFORE signing on the dotted line!


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When you talk to sales people in appliance stores they will tell you that the cleaning feature is a selling point BUT that it is very hard on any and all ovens. So I have always just cleaned my ovens myself.

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I agree with athomesewing. I've used my Electrolux non-icon Wavetouch double wall oven since September, 2011, and I've run the self-clean several times, probably 3 times a year at least. No problems. Love the oven. Just wish it had french doors or a side-swing door. They weren't available on affordable ovens in 2011, but they are now.

Electrolux is pretty responsive, I think. There even used to be an Elux person, Chris, who watched Gardenweb and responded to issues. I once asked Chris a question and got a good response right away.

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