The Price Of Certain Calphalon Tri-Ply Pieces Seems to Be Rising!

cupofkindnessJanuary 8, 2007

I just noticed that the fabulous Calphalon tri-ply 12" everyday pan (best single pan that I have ever owned) that I bought for $59 just before Christmas is now $159 at Amazon and Macy' (and it was $59 just a week ago). And the beautiful eight quart stock pot went from $59 to about $150, as did another "Try Me" three quart chef's pan, from $39 to about $90. Finally, the 2.5 quart shallow sauce pan also tripled in price online. If you want this, you should check Bed Bath and Beyond or Linens and Things, which are still marked at the 2006 "Try Me" prices. I love my Calphalon tri-ply and I'm going to try to complete my collection before the prices of the sets rise. Maybe new pieces will debut this year. So I should start saving my money!

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Oh my, I just saw the 12" at BB&B for $59 over the weekend, and didn't buy it. I'm going to get it tomorrow!

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You will be very pleased with that pan. I love the 12" Everyday Pan. It cooks beautifully, can handle a lot of heat, and you can bring it right to the table because it is so elegant looking. Here's a link:

And I noticed that the price went back down to $59 at Amazon. I don't understand! But the price is still $159 at Macy'

Here is a link that might be useful: Calphalon Tri-Ply Everyday Pan

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Thanks cupofkindness. I was considering this pan anyway. I've always used a frying pan for making things like spaghetti sauce and honestly, that's just not the right vessel for that kind of item. So I started looking at Chef's Pans, but the Tri-Ply comes in 3 qt only and I wanted something a bit larger, like 4 qt. That leaves the everyday pan (for the record, I like Calphalon better than All-Clad becuase the long handles are much more comfortable to me --- and anyway, I'm no gourmet I like the prices of the individual pieces of Calphalon as well!). I was a little hesitant about having the two-handled pan instead of one long handle until last night, when I was making soup in my LC Dutch Oven and I realized that of course that pan has 2 handles and I love it! Long winded way of saying thanks, and I'm sure I'll like it too.

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I was at Macy's this morning and in fact the price of the Everyday Pan has risen to $160 but it's now on sale for "$79." I feel like buying a second pan at BBB or LNT at the $59 price, because with the coupon, it's $48.

Like you, I really found the All-Clad handles to be uncomfortable and the fact that they are long and straight rather than gently curved makes the AC vessels harder to balance in the hand when you are gripping the pan by the handle.

I'm sure you will love your Calphalon pan. I use only melamine utensils in my Calphalon cookware, store the lid on the pan, and don't stack the pans/lids in my cabinet. Let me know what you think!

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Thanks - my daughter I going to go get it today (maybe I'll use it tonight!!). I left the coupon on the counter!

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Cupofkindness, someone is looking for you over on the Kitchens forum.

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Oh! Thank you dmlove! I'll check it out. By the way, did you buy the Everyday Pan? Also, sometimes you can buy something at BBB and tell them you forgot to bring the coupon and they will let you come back with the coupon (say, the next day) and get an adjustment. After reading a little on the Home Organization Forum, I've started keeping my BBB coupons in my car. Thanks again!

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I'm wondering if the Tri-Ply has induction capability. Is there any way you could test the bottom with a kitchen magnet and report back?
Thank you very much!

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The magnet didn't stick, so it's not induction capable. I'm sorry. But All-Clad is, check out their website for more details. Since you can't use coupons on All Cald anywhere, I'd recommend going to a Williams Sonoma to take a look at AC. I really think the prices are about the same everywhere.The sales people at Williams Sonoma are very well trained on the All-Clad. Also, I think that Pecan Pie (she hangs out over on the Kitchen Forum/Conversations side) has an induction cooktop. You might ask over there what she's using or just start a new thread on the cookware forum. Good luck and let us know what you find out!

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cupofkindness, I also keep my BB&B coupons in the car (always handy!).

I did get the pan, and did use the coupon (by the way, I assume you do know they usually accept expired coupons, too). I do have one question for you before I use it. I love the depth of it (that's what I was looking for), but we're only 3 at home now, so I wonder if it isn't a little big for us as an "everyday" pan. How many are you cooking for in it? And what are you making in it? Thanks.

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What's the capacity of the 12" everyday pan? I've been wanting a 5 or 6 qt SS saute pan. I love my 3 qt all clad saute pan, but would like a bigger one b/c we like to make a lot of one-pot skillet type meals. Of course the price tag on the all clad pan is why I still don't have one. Sure would be nice if this was a good alternative.

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Alku, I was going to check that myself tonight. I'll let you know.

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I poured fully four quarts of water into my Calphalon Everyday Pan, it may have held a bit more, but that just gave me an idea of what I was working with. The sort of things I'm doing in this pan are browning/cooking meats, making casseroles, stir fry, things like that. I would also make large quantities of sauces in it as well. When I make a meat sauce for a lasagna, which I haven't done since I bought this pan, I seem to have a harder time doubling the recipe with say, a simple dutch oven sort of stock pot (because I can't really see what's in it) or a skillet, which is usually a little too shallow.

Calphalon also makes a huge 5 quart saute'/braising pan that is absolutely gorgeous, but it's also the most expensive piece in the collection: $179 in stores or $164 at Amazon.

As an aside, the 12" Everyday Pan seems to be back up to $159 today at Macy's is selling it through Amazon. Go figure.

Here is a link that might be useful: Calphalon 5 Quart Saute

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So, I got it for $48 at BB&B (I feel like I should keep it just because of the price!). You don't think it's TOO big for a small family? I would also be sitr-frying, sauteing chicken cutlets, cooking prawns and scallops, that kind of thing. Again, I like it because it's deeper than the omelette pan (which I also have).

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Congratulations! And I don't think that the Everyday Pan would be too big for even a couple! It's a great pan. I like the depth too. And thanks again for the heads up about the thread on the kitchen forum. Just for the record, I don't have any friends with Mosaic tiles behind their ranges.

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Cup, I know - I saw your reply in the other forum.

Thanks re opinion on size of the pan. I'm keeping it!!

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I have the similar Cuisinart Triply 12" pan (which I don't believe they are selling anymore). I first purchased the Calphalon hard anodized 12" but the sides sloped more which left less room in the bottom of the pan. I saw the Cuisinart (on Amazon I believe) and decided to get it. I love my pan and there are only 2 of us. Don't use it all the time, but have never found it too big and also great when there are more mouths to feed. I've used it on top the range and also in the oven. Have fun with your pan, was a great price!

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Cup, darn!, but thanks for testing. I'm disappointed--I don't think I've ever read such raves for cookware as this Calphalon Tri-Ply.

I'll start hitting the stores with my magnet.

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Don't forget cast iron! I think it works too.

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For induction, Demeyere has an 11" (5qt.) rounded conical sauteuse in their Apollo line. It's made from aluminum tri-ply material (they call it 7-ply) in the 3.0-3.3 mm range, which I believe makes it heavier than All-Clad. They use a special surface treatment to the SS called "Silvinox" to make it more durable, and it's so durable that they in fact recommend putting it in the dishwasher. (I can testify that it cleans up really well in the dishwasher.) The handles are round in cross-section, and are a lot more comfortable than All-Clad.

I have some of their Atlantis cookware, and really love it! The Silvinox surface really does stay better-looking than my other SS cookware. (I'd be recommending the Atlantis line rather than Apollo, but there is no 11" conical sauteuse in the Atlantis line. In the conical sauteuses, the only difference between the two lines is the handles--the Apollo handles are formed SS, the Atlantis handles are cast SS. (In most other cookware, the Atlantis is copper core rather than aluminum core.))

I get my Demeyere from Knife Merchant (Linked below). Sur la Table carries it in some of their stores, though at higher prices than Knife Merchant.

I mentioned "induction" above, because that's the issue that triggered my post. Demeyere is really great for other heat sources as well. I've used it with great success on a flat-top electric range, and also with gas. On the flat-top, it has the advantage that the bottoms are dead flat, and Demeyere claims that they are designed so that they'll stay flat and not warp.

Here is a link that might be useful: Knife Merchant

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I got so caught up in the conical sauteuse, which is the next item on my own wish list :-), that I missed on obvious point--There is in both the Atlantis and the Apollo lines an 11", 5 quart "Dutch Over" or "Slow Cooker" that has two loop handles, making them very close matches to the Calphalon "everyday pan." They appear to be built with the same body as the Demeyere conical sauteuse, but with two loop handles instead one long handle. I believe that the Atlantis and Apollo versions are identical except that Atlantis has the more-expensive cast handles, whereas the Apollo handles are formed.

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The 12" Everday pan is at Amazon for the lower price. I listed the link below. I didn't see that it was being offered from Macy's, so there could be two different pages.

Anyway, I love my Everyday pan. I purchased it from BB&B a couple of weeks ago...Like the others said, it is not too large for a small family. It is just me and DH, and I think it is a great sized pan.

I have used it for grilled sandwiches, french toast, pasta sauces (big enough to stir in the cooked pasta!). I love the pan.

I was bummed the first time I used it, because it ended up with a sticky oil film, but the Bar Keepers Friend fixed that problem.

I also purchased the 2.5 quart and 10 inch frying pan from Calphalon Tri-ply. Great prices!!

Here is a link that might be useful: amazon link

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Disdatmac: Thanks for the new link! I guess that Amazon must have two pages for the Calphalon Everyday Pan. My apologies for the hysteria. I went to Macy's today to look at their selection of Calphalon and I must say that I was terribly disappointed. The "Cellar" (actually on the third floor) has such a limited selection of quality name brand kitchen/gourmet items. Of course there's lots of Kitchen Aid mixers and the usual Henckles knives, a smattering of All Clad and Calphalon, but a huge amount of floor space is dedicated to the "Tools of the Trade" pots and pans that come in knock-off tri-ply, knock-off All Clad, anondized, Farberware-like, non-stick, and the copper bottomed line called Belgique. These pots and pans are so inexpensive.... you have to wonder about the longevity of the vessels. A 16 quart stock pot for $50? And 15% off if you use your Macy's card? I wish that Macy's wouldn't waste so much floor space on cheaper cookware and have more in stock on other quality items. Not just Calphalon, but things like aprons, interesting serving pieces, high quality countertop appliances, thermometers, etc. And I'm so tired of seeing walls and displays of pink kitchen goods, but not being able to find good quality basics!

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