Advantium Speed Cook 120v or 240v?

fiddledddOctober 24, 2010

We had decided on the Advantium 120v Speedcook oven, mostly on the recommendation of the saleslady at HH Gregg. I figured she'd prefer to sell us the more expensive unit, so I thought she was being honest by saying that the 120v would suffice. BUT, then I saw the comments on the following thread here on GW, and almost everyone says definitely get the 240v. Other than of course being more powerful, what specifically can you do with the 240v that you can't do with the 120v? Thanks so much for the help!

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Cook 8x as fast as a conventional oven.

Its kinda like getting the Porsche Boxster instead of the Porsche 911 Turbo S Cabriolet.

Both will bet you from point A to point B. Eventually :)

The Boxster only cooks 4x as fast as a conventional oven.

If your time is not that valuable then why buy a speed oven?

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In addition to what deeageaux said above, the 120v units may have more reliability problems than the 220v ones, as if they're trying to do too much with too little power.

[This was my impression from owner reports I saw while Google searching Advantium ovens a few months ago, not particularly from comments on GW. Maybe reported problems with the 120v ovens have been resolved now...]

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The 240v Advantium actually has *four times* the wattage available to it (not twice as much), since it also runs off of a 30 amp circuit rather than 15 amp. As a result, not only does the 240v Advantium cook faster, but the food tastes better and has better texture when using the speed-cooking modes. In order to cook quickly, the 120v Advantium relies heavily on microwaves to heat quickly, with only a little power left over for the halogen lamp and ceramic heating element, so food cooked in it tastes more like slightly crispier microwaved food than anything that was baked in a conventional thermal oven.

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deeageaux.....I know I'm going to miss my double ovens when we move. We're down-sizing to a much smaller house. So.....enter the Advantium. It gives me the microwave (off the counter) and a second oven. I cook a lot.....the thing is, I'm sure there will be a learning curve with the Advantium.....will have to see how I do with it.

chac_mool......I'll go to Google and snoop around for more comments. Thanks!

lee676......I guess the only way I can really comprehend what you're saying is to TASTE food prepared in both Advantiums and then compare. And I don't think that's going to happen. :-) I do have a friend who got one a year ago and loves it! For instance, would chicken prepared in a 120v. have a crispy skin? Or do you know?

Thank you all for your help! It's just such a different technology that I'm having a hard time getting my head around it.

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The Advantium is seriously expensive to use as a microwave. And complicated.

People I know that have one use it as a speed oven and have a seperate MW to do simple stuff like reheat tea or coffee.

Using the Advantium as a workhorse MW will really shorten the lifespan of the magnetron. That is not an inexpensive repair.

If your attitude is "hey, I make deep six figures. I can get a spendy MW if I want" cool. Just be aware.

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One of my relatives has two kitchens in his house with both 120V and 240V Advantiums so I have tasted the difference. Bascially, GE's claims that the 240V oven cooks up to 8x faster than a conventional oven, and the 120V cooks up to 4x as fast, are reasonably accurate (perhaps slightly optimistic), but what they don't make clear is that the 120V oven gets that speed by relying more on microwaves and less on the halogen lamp or ceramic heaters than the 240V oven, so their is a difference in the results. The 120V oven is just constrained by its feeble electrical power, and was introduced mainly so people could upgrade from a traditional microwave range hood (or just a plain hood) that already had a 120V feed without having to upgrade the electricals. The 240V Advantium I've used is the older model, the original one (just called "Advantium"; there was no 120V model yet). It didn't have a convection mode yet, the interior was smaller, and it didn't light up during microwave-only cooking unless you pressed a button. I think they've fixed all of these issues in the more recent 240v models, which are based on the more-recently-developed 120V Advantium design.

As for wearing out the magnetron, it shouldn't wear out any faster in an Advantium than in any other microwave oven. Perhaps it would wear out more slowly, since it isn't used as much. Advantiums are not the most powerful microwave ovens out there, but they work fine. In all Advantium installations I've done, it was the only microwave oven in the kitchen. I'd get a second microwave only if you often use the Advantium in speed-cook or convection-oven mode, in which case having a separate MW is useful.

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For electrical heating appliances 220v is ALWAYS better than 120v.


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IIRC, the earlier version of the 240V Advantium had a smaller interior than the 120V version. You still see those, new, on eBay and some other online sites. For the newer 240V model, that disadvantage is gone.

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Using the Advantium as a workhorse MW will really shorten the lifespan of the magnetron.

How often does this happen? I think my aunt did finally wear out her Radar Range after 35 years, but I don't know anyone else who has killed one? I know someone who had a problem with the door latch, but it was easily fixed. Do people really wear out the magnetron? How long does it take?

I've been trying to learn to use the speed oven part of my Advantium, but so far I haven't been happy with the results. Definite learning curve. But Fiddledd, the MW and oven part are pretty straightforward and don't take a lot of learning. Hint for the MW--if you press Express it turns on for 30 seconds. Pressing again adds 30 to the clock, but you can use the wheel to adjust the time up or down to suit yourself. That's the easiest way to get precise control. You can change the time that way once you've pressed start if you're using the menus as well.

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Hi everybody. I'm finally getting back to check on your responses. Thanks! I'm beginning to wonder if I really want to spend so much money on an Advantium oven. Some people have suggested instead to just get a convection/microwave unit that can be used as a 2nd oven.

I mean, how fast do I need to cook, actually? But the thing that really scares me is how many people (even those who like the way their Advantiums cook) are really bummed out when they need service. You need a tech guy to come out even to change the light bulb, and repairs are really pricey.

Maybe I should start a new topic on the convection/microwave idea. Does anyone here know anything about them? GE makes one and Bosch has a nice looking one. I need the built-in model, not over-the-range.

deeageaux.....I had to laugh......even if I made 'deep six figures', I don't necessarily need to spend it on an Advantium. :-)

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