2 story foyer or not?

TammyTEOctober 16, 2012

I am debating on keeping the 2 story foyer in our plans. I did a quick (not to scale) paint of the space in the upstairs. The blue area is the stairs, so that is open.(right?)

The red area is just under 11' long x 5' wide.

The gray area is 3' x 12'.

If I enclose the gray and red areas then I have this narrow (3') space at the front with a big window in it. Seems odd.

I think the reason that section is so narrow is because the main floor has a bump out of a couple feet for the front door. The 2nd floor doesn't bump out.

I thought about making a closet in the red area with an access door to a an unused balcony or ledge in the end of the closet. But would that door show through the big window and look bad being so close to it?

I guess I could just leave it as open space with a half wall and maybe let the kids use it as a sitting area for reading.


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You need a drawing of the actual space to scale.

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See my post on this subject in your thread "Direction of the House". Hope it's helpful. Good luck with your project.

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Does this help?

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I think you got the red and blue areas reversed. The stair is not open at the lower level because it is enclosed by the stair to the basement.

I wouldn't even call this a 2 story space because the open part over the lower hallway is so narrow. If you close off the open part above the hallway stair will will be in a shaft like a fire stair.

The first thing to do is reverse the runs so the stair is open to the lower hall. See the sketch I posted elsewhere.

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I would vote for the extra upstairs space, especially if all six beds are occupied. I know you did not ask, but the bathroom area makes me clautrophobic with all of the walls and little enclosed spaces. I think the bathrooms can be designed to feel more spacious yet still give privacy for 6 to use. Also, I would make the laundry area open to the hall. The two door entry from both bathrooms "wastes" wall space that could be used for a folding/sorting counter and takes space that could be better used by the bathrooms. This is all just my opinion, and I understand if the design works for you and your family.

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oops, forgot to add that I would make both baths open to the hall as well and just have one door to each. Otherwise kids will take the shortest route through siblings rooms to get to the bathroom. My design idea is that 2 doors is a waste of space. In full disclosure, I was horribly embarassed as a kid when my friends brother walked in on me in a jack and jill bath because I forgot to lock BOTH doors. But, if one remembers to lock the doors, they also have to remember to unlock them.

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Reno - You are right I reversed them. Sorry about that.

lafdr - I agree about the hall access and no jack and jill. Totally changing that.

I would love to see ideas on how to make the bathroom more private without the toilet closet and shower room. My goal was to be able to have someone brushing teeth, showering, pottying and doing their hair at the same time.

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