Confused about combi-steam ovens

hbrrbhOctober 16, 2013

We were thinking about installing a combi steam oven as our second oven, but I'm getting very confused about installation requirements. In the manufacturer photos, they seem to be in stacks, along with other ovens, which is what we would like to do -- install it in the same stack as a convection electric oven (steam oven on top), with a cabinet on top of that. But are there special ventilation/ electrical requirements for steam ovens? The Wolf manual implied that the outlet had to be in a cabinet next door. And I read a post about the Miele oven referring to the need for 24 inches of additional ventilation, which I couldn't quite follows.
By the way, we were originally set on the Wolf, due to its large size, but like the sound of the combi Miele as well, due to its broiler. I'm just not sure how much smaller the Miele is in practice. The Thermador seemed way too small to us, and we don't have the plumbing for the Gag.

Thanks so much for any insights on this.

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You need to check the installation instructions for each to see exactly what ventilation requirements are for each oven. For the built in Viking, there is no actual ventilation required, but they specify a cabinet depth that is a few inches deeper and wider than the actual unit, which allows airflow around the back and sides of the unit. In terms of outlets, they are typically hard wired, which can be tough to do if the wiring is at the back of the cabinet space, so they usually specify a location at the back of the cabinet below the oven, or on either side - some posters have put the wiring box in the back of an adjacent cabinet, and then had a cover put on top of the box once the combi is installed.

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