legit or scam?

jean_mi_z5October 13, 2012

Received this in my yahoo mail this evening:

Your Yahoo! ID is: âÂÂby****@*****.***âÂÂ

Your password for this account has recently been changed. You donâÂÂt need to do anything, this message is simply a notification to protect the security of your account.

Please note: your new password may take awhile to activate. If it doesnâÂÂt work on your first try, please try it again later

DO NOT REPLY TO THIS MESSAGE. For further help or to contact support, please see http://help.yahoo.com/help/edit/


You can always change your password by doing the following:

1. Sign in to any Yahoo! service

2. Click on any "My Account" link

3. Choose "Change Password"

If you cannot find a "My Account" link, you can sign in to My Yahoo! (http://my.yahoo.com) and youâÂÂll find it in the upper left corner

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Did you, in fact, recently change your Yahoo password? If so, it is probably legitimate. If you have not changed your Yahoo password, then do not click on any link(s) this message may have contained.

Perhaps you might like to sign in to your account and change your password at this time.

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I would instantly try changing the password just to see if someone else has managed to do it - unless of course you have changed it yourself recently.

If you are able to log in and make the change your account is very likely safe. If on the other hand you cannot log in then you would need to contact Yahoo.

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I should have accessed things more before I posted. I had not changed my password, so I did go in and change it just to be safe. I then received an additional email almost exactly the same. Same wording, same yahoo address ,"Yahoo! Member Services", my-login-request@cc.yahoo-inc.com., etc. The only thing different from the first message was my yahoo ID was posted where the first message had stars.

Thanks for responding.

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Exampe phishing email ....
From: "yahoo-account-services@cc.yahoo-inc.com"

Is a crook.

Here is a link that might be useful: http://help.yahoo.com/l/us/yahoo/mail/yahoomail/abuse/phishing-02.html

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Thanks Mikie. They never asked for any information nor was there any link to click. I opened the full header for both emails and could not find any discrepancies. Could it be possible that someone may have changed my password, but because I was already logged in, I was able to change it again? As you can see in my OP, the messages read the same except for the stars in the first message instead of my yahoo ID. The sender on both messages were "DomainKeys Varified" if that means anything....I know scammers are getting more sophisticated all the time.

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Just put a strong password.. I have access to some peoples yahoo and things login/passwords. So many use stupid simple stuff.. momsnamekidsname .. perfect?

One yahoo and paypal and bank account and credit card account tied to that paypal... everyday everywere this one lady was locked out. Over and Over, within just a couple hours of resetting it .. boom, automatically locked out again.

When she gave me her password for one of them.. it was like 12345678,, and everytime she was emailed a password reset.. she would reset them all to her original 12345678.

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I coach users in the following response:

Never respond to any e-mail, solicited or unsolicited, using an included hyperlink regardless how safe, convenient or friendly it may appear. Go directly to the site of concern for access and proper action.

Phishing is a continual problem. More information is linked below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Wikipedia

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