World Cuisine carbon steel cookware

garycookJanuary 3, 2007

I was wondering if anybody uses World's carbon steel cookware. I was interested in the french lyon style fry pans with the cast iron handles. Just would like some opinions. The 12" and 14" go for about 60 bucks and should develop a seasoning overtime which has peaked my interest. I think they are the same as De Buyer also. Thanks



Here is a link that might be useful: World Cuisine De Buyer

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We'll I guess these pans are not well known in this country. I decided to purchase the 12 and 14 inch versions and received them today. The shipping weight was 17 pounds for both and the pans are big and heavy. I gave them both a try on my Viking induction and they performed nicely.

My experience with a steel wok is that the flat bottom will warp overtime. These frypans won't warp even though the Viking has gobs of power. I was looking for a alternative to cast iron pans and these will be just fine.

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I was just considering these fry pans--thanks for being a first adopter. One question--is the bottom kind to your induction hob glass surface? Thanks

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Second follow up question--the site says "dishwasher safe" but generally carbon steel should be hand washed. What is your experience with washing? I am assuming there is no non-stick or other coating (and I'd rather no coating). Thanks again!

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The pans are finished and made very well. The bottoms are smooth and except for the weight should pose no problem for a glass top.

I would treat these the same as cast iron. Clean only with hot water and a micro fiber pad. I would want to retain the seasoning built up overtime.

Upon receiving these pans I would initially clean them with soap and water and then put a light coating of peanut or similiar oil and then bake them at 300 deg. in a oven for one hour. After this has been done I would never clean with soap again.

There are chefs in resturaunts that clean these pans when they are heated to a high temp and then with tongs and a rag scrub them with kosher salt. This method is not recommended for the home kitchen because of the amount of smoke produced.

If you aren't worried about the look of a well used pan as opposed to a pretty stainless one,these pans are a great value for the money. They are a french design but these are made in China (what isn't??)and well made. Also this type of pan is used in commercial kitchens over the world and prized for there ability to brown meats perfectly.


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You might enjoy the information on the DeBuyer website, including the seasoning video! I will note that the 10" Acier I just purchased will really keep my arms in shape!

Here is a link that might be useful: DeBuyer

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