Steam escaping in my Staub Enamel Cast Iron Dutch/French Oven

anna1029January 11, 2007

I just recently got my new Staub oval French oven. I've cooked in it several time and absolutely love it. However, when I was making ribs the other day, I saw steam escaping from under the lid. Should that be happening? Shouldn't the lid fit tightly, so no steam escapes at all? What are your experiences?

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Well....if you've got it bubbling strongly enough it will lift the lid....remember, it's steam that powered the locomotives!
Linda C

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If steam wasn't escaping, you would have a pressure cooker. Steam builds in conventional cookware and lifts the lid a little to escape--otherwise it would explode.

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All of which is true, Anna. You might also consider lowering the flame, if you feel too much steam is escaping. That will help moderate the flow.

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Le Creuset saucepans have a small hole in the lid. I regulate a low simmer by watching for just a wisp of steam coming from the hole and adjusting the burner or moving the pan on the French top to keep it at that point. I do the same thing on a much cruder scale with the Le Creuset Dutch oven by watching for just the least amount of steam escaping from under the rim.

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My Le Cruset sauce pans do NOT have a small hole in the lid.
Linda C

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When did they start doing that, Velodoug? I've got a set we recieved as a wedding present, and it doesn't have any holes.

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If you look at the underside of your Staub lid you will see 3 little nubs cast into the rim. I called Staub about them, and they said it helps the raised dimples on the underside of the lid work better. They are there to allow the pot work more efficiently. Le Creuset's latest saucepans with the phenolic handles DO have a hole in the lid for some steam to escape. That is normal, and desirable on the Staub, as they were put there for a reason to allow some steam to escape.

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I don't know when Le Creuset started putting the little hole in the lid of their saucepans. Both of ours are new - bought within the last year.

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Yes, I do see the nubs on the lid of the pan, thank you for explaining it to me. I just thought I read somewhere that the lids are very tight fitting and prevent steam from escaping. I just have to learn all this stuff.

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OMG--they changed Le Creuset? Mine's 30+ years old, but I thought it never changed. When steam escapes from my Dutch ovens, I move the lid around and lower the heat until it doesn't.

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I got a 5 quart cocotte from Amazon too. I'm also really happy with it but I've learned to keep the burner on Medium and I will probably finish the meat in the oven to prevent drying out the sauce or stew next time. Staub is so much nicer than LC in my opinion and Staub is definitely nicer than the QVC version. Now that I have it, I notice that Alton Brown uses one and that Amy Sedaris has a white one (with the ribbon on the knob!) in her book.

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