WANTED: It's On It's Way

chase_gwJuly 13, 2006

To the US of A !!!!!!!!

Notes to swap buddy....

I forgot to enclose the card... : (

You have to promise not to look at the customs bill of lading , largely untruths but just enough truth to spoil the suprise.

Should be there Tuesday or Wednesday via priority postal service, keep you eye out!

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I am so busting here! SOMEONE has a package waiting for them at home - so, please everyone, go straight home after work!!!

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well, I know someone who doesn't have a package yet -- my swappie, cuz it's still in my house.

I'll be home in an hour and checkin' the doorstep.

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Can't help either of you, but my box was shipped today. Recipient, stay home on Monday!!


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Chase, I ALWAYS forget to include the note. ALWAYS. I don't know what would happen if someone actually got the letter that goes with my swap boxes. LOL

No box here, even though I was gone all day. That's usually a sure way to get a box delivered, go somewhere.

Mine is still here, I picked up another item today, one to go, if I can find it. If not, I'm going to have to go with a second choice. Sigh.

Monday. I'm shooting for a Monday shipping date.


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No box for me...but my "to send" box is still here.

I need to wrap the goodies, make a note and send it off, maybe tomorrow, definately no later than Monday though.

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In my haste to get it all together and shipped, I forgot to photograph any of what I sent.

I'm sure your partner will understand about the note. I may have given credit to the wrong person for two of the items I packed. I sat upright in bed at 4:00 am and asked myself was I sure it was so and so. Blech!

My brain is oxidizing!

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