Is this excessive for tableware?

HappuCookerJanuary 9, 2005

my husband and I have been having a good natured debate on dishes as I love china and flatware. I use portmeirion botanic garden or french countryside for everyday. then i also have pink buffet plates with embossed della robbia fruuts along the rims for casual parties. for formal dining we use white with wide gold bands, then there are an assortment of different soup bowls, dessert plates, bread and a butter plates etc to make the table look more festive and colorful. I also have two stainless steel patterns and three sterling patterns with mixed ornate pieces. Most of them will serve 18. Is this excessive to most people?

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Not if you LOVE it and you use it! Different things make different people happy...I just registered for three different 12-piece settings for my wedding - a Haviland Limoges for fancy, Pottery Barn amber-colored earthenware for everyday, and a crisp white porcelain for those "in-between" occasions.

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Happu -

Good timing. Check out two threads on the Cooking Forum. You'll be right at home with the members who need 'dish-detox'.

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And why would care if it was excessive?
How are fixed for stemware?
Linda C

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I'm not sure why you would care about people's opinions as it depends entirely on one's lifestyle and storage needs.

If you are using it and it is not creating clutter, so be it.

I have acquired lots of china which I would love to get rid of -- old Fiesta, my grandmother's Limoge and my mother's Stangl. I also have silver flatware which I never use because it can't go in the dishwasher.

But one person's clutter is another person's passion :)

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I admire you for setting a beautiful table.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

Sounds to me like you need more! How about some Christmas china, and something foxhunt/woodsy/english for Thanksgiving?

And nothing you have will serve asian or mexican very well.

Go buy more. And make sure you get glasses, tablecloths, napkins, and flatware to coordinate.

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It sounds to me as if you have what my husband calls "the dishes gene." I have it, as do some of my cousins. I have my aunt's Paragon bone china (ornate Oriental pattern), my mom's Royal Copenhagen in Cornflower pattern, Spode Christmas Tree, and the Arabia Anemenoe that we have used for every day for 30 years. I also have a few filler pieces in Apilco. So you are not alone! It sounds like there are many of us. If the china gene does not cause problems in your budget or household, what could be more harmless? There is much to be said for gracious dining.

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I am jewish so Christmas china is out, I do have some dishes that have stars of david and plates that say latkes in gold script. for asian i use the rice bowls with holes for chopsticks i found in ashville NC, oh my .. I am sounding excessive (grin)

as for stemware. crystal jumps up and falls over when ever i enter a room so i stopped buying the real stuff. cheapo stem ware form the world market seems to last forever.

sterling is forever too. anyone have frontenac?

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Beautiful silver!!
How are you fixed for platters? LOL!
Linda C

Here is a link that might be useful: Frontenac

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When I was young, single, sexy and blonde, men used to give me all kinds of gifts. One day one of them gave me two place settings of china in a pattern I had admired. I promptly married the guy, before he could get away. Now I am old, gray and quite "full-figured," but I still cherish the china and the husband, who has enjoyed indulging my weakness for dishes for all these years.

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My motto is "The one who dies with the most china WINS!". Seriously, if you love lots of different china, then great! I love setting a beautiful table. I have 8 different china patterns. I love each one of them. They range from blue and white china I got at the grocery store to Spode that is about $350 a place setting. (Everyone oohs and ahhs when they see me set that table!) I love china, silver and crystal. We don't go without because of my passion. My daughters have a true appreciation of lovely things. I think it's great!

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