Help w/ Joyce Chen wok seasoning problem!

lmychajlukJanuary 27, 2006

I recently recieved a Joyce Chen carbon wok as a gift, and was following the seasoning instructions. I oiled the wok and had it on the burner, and after 15 minutes (which is what the instructions said to let it 'simmer' for), the black coating at the bottom of the wok started to peel and curl off in little 'curls'. Was it supposed to do this? Is the wok ruined, or can I just wash, re-season, and go?



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I had thrown away the box a few weeks ago, and not knowing what carbon steel was supposed to look like, didn't realize this was the 'non-stick' version of the wok. Even though the box did say 'carbon steel construction', I guess that was under the teflon or whatever non-stick surface it wsa coated with and I proceeded to burn off. I picked up the non-non-stick version, and am hoping for better results!

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FWIW, I just started using a new (not non-stick) carbon steel wok I got on eBay for something like $10 +shipping. Until now I'd been using a non-stick Farberware wok, but now I have a high-BTU gas cooktop and wanted to try "the real McCoy." However, I was really worried about the sticking problem, which was pretty awful before I'd gotten the non-stick wok. Anyway, I goofed up on the seasoning procedure by heating the oiled wok on high heat, and it darkened unevenly, and just looked pretty crummy compared to the pictures of well-seasoned woks I've seen. Nonetheless, I forged ahead and prepared a beef and veggie stir-fry on it, and much to my amazement, it was 95% stick-free! Haven't had a chance to try again, but have high hopes that it's actually possible without a non-stick pan!

By the way, thanks to those posters who recommended the book Breath of a Wok, which is fun and helpful. Amusingly, when I asked about this book at my Barnes & Noble store, the lady couldn't find it in the database; turns out, she had typed in Breath of a Walk, which yielded no hits.


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I recently tried the Joyce Chen Non Stick wok. After following all the instructions to the letter and using it only twice, the bottom started pealing off. I have 1 word for Joyce Chen. JUNK. A brand new wok straight to the trash. Luckily I didn't have to throw out the entire meal I was cooking, altho they say ingesting teflon is not good for you.
Steer clear of this waste of a product. spend your $$ on something that will last more than 1 use.

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