Tupperware Super Modular Mates alternatives

MonkeyKJanuary 9, 2008

So I got some Super Ovals Tupperware Modular Mates for Christmas. I really wanted them because they were cabinet depth and narrow enough to grab with one hand off of the top shelf (where I keep four and sugar). Plus I would be able to stack them! Such grand visions of a neatly organized cabinet!

I was surprised when I got them that they are not wide enough to accommodate a one cup measure (at least the ovals are), which makes them close to useless for storing flour.

Has anyone else run into this and found a suitable alternative?

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I like the food storage containers by Lock and Lock. They have lots of shapes and sizes, and the tops lock down tight, so nothing gets in or out.

You can get it at Walmart and now our local grocery store has a big display with lots of sizes.

I have a set that sits on a lazy susan with a drawer underneath with all the tops, the containers stack, it's very convenient. I also have a lot of other different sizes. I use them almost every day taking my lunch to work.

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Well to correctly measure flour you should use a spoon to lightly scoop flour out of its container into a measuring cup.Then with the cup slightly overflowing you level it with a knife or spatula. Just scooping with a measuring cup is a pretty inaccurate way to measure. So the narrowness of the container becomes a non-issue.

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Actually, to correctly measure you should use a scale.


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So true Joe.

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I stuck with the tupperware and got these

I use a spatula to stir/loosen the flour, put the 1 cup in and use the spatula to heap it in to the cup, rest the spatula on the top of the tupperware and scrape the cup under the spatula to level, excess flour falls back into the tupperware.

I'm looking at one of these

hope this helps

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I realize this is a very late answer, but I found a solution to your problem. I bought a different brand one cup measure that fits into the containers. The other tupperware measuring cups do fit into the super modular mates.

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