Anyone try Sarriette cookware?

Frankie_in_zone_7January 13, 2010

I'm replacing non-stick cookware and came across a set of this Sarriette that has generally the pieces I like to have available in non-stick --says is hard anodized and is a a fairly heavy aluminum--made in China. Also a reasonable price, looking at non-stick as not being a lifetime piece of cookware. But, hardly anything about the company on line--

Has anybody had experience with this? Or might it be one of those lines that is made in the same factory as another product?

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Never heard of it.

I replaced all my major cookware pieces with Circulon II and Circulon Elite. Completely non-stick and absolutely wonderful.
Last year, I bought the pieces with solid metal lids. I am extremely hard on pots and pans.
I bought the 3 piece skillet set, three 3-4qt pots with two handles, one 5qt soup pot...all Circulon II. Don't need potholders on any of them.

Today I received my Circulon Elite 12" casserole with metal lid...all oven safe...I am sick of cleaning that dang glass casserole dish. Need potholders on this one.

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Thanks for info, joaninmesa. I have one item already in Circulon--a pasta pot with strainer lid that was on discount.

I decided to try the Sarriette as an inexpensive replacement for my totally wrecked non-stick stuff.
I'll see eventually if it seems like it was a good idea?
I liked the pieces in this set. I also added a 3 qt pan from Wearever because I liked its particular shape. I'm kinda sensitive to shape (how deep or shallow), handles, weight and all that and that's what has kept me from buying certain brands, along with the problem of various sets having pieces I don't need or not ones I do.

Anyway, I'm trying these for just some daily non-stick-ware, and also tried out some tri-ply SS and Le Crueset, which I've never had before, on sale, so I have an array of new brands and materials to experiment with for different types of cooking needs.
Let the cooking begin!

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I, too, am trying to get away from the non-stick, so I picked up 3 Sarriette pieces at TJMax a few days ago. Inexpensive enough to at least try out for a while. (Have tried one of the fry pans for browning and it did good) Went on line to find more information on them and see if they are dishwasher safe, etc. Couldn't believe that the ONLY search item that turned up was your question. Have you learned anything further?

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Try putting in just "sarriette" and then search the results with "cookware". There's quite a bit.

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Yes, I have several pieces of the Sarriette Cookware and I really like it. It looks great and cooks very well. Also is very easy clean-up.

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Hi Pat R., or anybody else who has an experience with Sarriette. IS IT DISHWASHER SAFE???

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