WANTED: Beautiful box from Spacific!!

beachlily z9aJuly 2, 2011

The high point of this morning was the delivery of my swap box from Ann (Spacific). She wrote a lovely letter explaining her selections and carefully wrapped the gifts. Here is how they look:

The lovely hand made vase that is NOT waterproof is perfect! It comes from a local aquarium where Ann and her son volunteer. Ann doesn't know that I grow masses of daylilies, and daylilies do not need water after they are cut to bring into the house. I just wrapped the base of the stem in saran wrap to protect the vase. The color is a soft robin's egg blue, and because the vase was subject to a pit firing process, it looks like marble. The color works perfectly, Ann. She thought this all out!! Ann provided a flask of Penzy's vanilla so that I could put plant stems in the flask after the vanilla is consumed. Smart thinking!!

She also included two tea towels in the box--just my colors, with a marine flair, and oh so soft! I'm going to save them to use during breadmaking. You know, when the directions say cover the dough with a tea towel--now I have two towels to use. Great addition to my kitchen!

Just to fit the summer theme, there was a carefully wrapped User's Guide to Summer. It is a fun book that has great ideas and some good sounding recipes for summer fare.

Ann, thank you ever so much for this wonderful swap! Oh, oh, almost forgot. Tucked in there was a bouquet of lavender from her yard. I'm going to dry it and enjoy it cause lavender doesn't grow in FL--too humid!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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What a beautiful package of gifts, and all so in your colors. Just perfect for Florida! Ann did a great job. I love everything. That vase is gorgeous and how perfect is it that it will work for all your daylilies. Those tea towels are right up my alley. Love the colors and the crabs and such. Great box!

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I (heart) that vase! Robin's Egg blue is probably my favorite color. Summer might not be my favorite season, but I could change my mind after reading that interesting sounding book. What a nice variety of items in this box. Well done, Ann!

Beachlily, I didn't know that daylilies did not need water after they were cut. Ya' learn something everyday! Enjoy your gifts!

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I'm so glad you like the vase. I was at first really trying to do a package to go with your great red mixer, but nothing was really saying "summer" to me. Then, when I saw the pictures you posted, I new I had to send something with to fit with the beautiful soft colors of your house.

Your daylilies are the perfect complement to the vase! I had no idea that you didn't use water for daylilies. I grow them as well, though not as many varieties as I know you do, and I just thought I couldn't use them as cut flowers at all. I think I'll start growing more!

By the way, Ann_T, the towels were merely wrapping "paper". They were clearly not a swap gift -or- the vanilla was not really a gift either, it was merely an insert for the vase...

So any way you look at it, I'm definitely within the 3-item swap :)


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That vase is absolutely beautiful. Perfect for your daylilies Arlene. And I learned something new. I wasn't aware that daylilies did not need water. And I'm partial to beautiful tea towels. I love Ann's colour scheme. Even the cook book matches.

Ann, I like the way you count. Unfortunately bad math won't get you into the draw. Sorry.


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Ooh, lovely cool colors for summer. I like the vase a lot and how thoughtful of Ann to have included a waterproof insert. Everything is beautiful - lucky you Arlene.


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LOLOLOL Love the justifications for being within the 3 item swap limit. Why don't you just own it and join me?!? ;-)

What a lovely swap. Love the vase, the vanilla, tea towels, lavender and of course the book.

And I never knew daylilies don't need water. Hope I remember that next year.

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beachlily z9a

One thing I like about the vase is it's small opening. In the spring, small and medium sized daylily stalks will fit right into that opening. The large one's won't but that's ok. It's really hard to find a small opening on a vase, trust me!

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The vase is so pretty! The colors of your summer swap package are so soothing. -maria

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oh, so beautiful! That vase is really lovely!! especially with the daylilies. And the book looks very fun!! What a great picture, beachlily! And what a great swap package Ann!

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That vase is gorgeous. Perfect for daylilies. Nice try on the count, hehe.

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That vase is just beautiful and you can add me to the list of people that didn't know that daylilies don't need water. I learn something new all the time here!

I also like the teatowels, I like to have some that aren't "fuzzy" and those are beautiful.

Plus, a book to remind you to have fun there in your endless summer, it's a great swap box!


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VERY nice. Seaside specials! One can never have too many towels, LOL, ask me how I know.....

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You learn something new everyday. Love the vase and the other gifts. Beautiful colors.

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Very beautiful vase, and the towels are great also - I love those colors. And from the book, you should be able to learn to surf, skimboard, and ride a bodyboard! Skimboards are great for when the waves are inadequate for surfing. (I looked at the book on line to see what it had of interest.)


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Fabulous swap items! Teas Towels are a favorite of mine in the kitchen. I have an ever growing collection and use/love them all! I especially like your towels that Ann sent you. It sounds like the vase is a perfect fit for you and your beautiful daylilies. I grow them also and use them as cut flowers all the time.

Ann, you made up a perfectly lovely swap box for beachlily!

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